How to Give Your Small Dog a Treat Without Him Jumping Up to Collect (Early access for our Patreon community)

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Stop a Dog from Jumping for Treats or Food

How to stop a dog from jumping for food.
Treat below the chin.

Today, I want to address a common issue many dog families face, how to give your dog a treat without them jumping up to collect it. This is especially true for those dogs that are short, like Cavaliers.

Let’s start with a simple technique. When giving your small dog a treat, it’s important to aim for their nose level or even below the chin. This prevents them from jumping up to reach the treat. By lowering the treat to below a dog’s chin, you help ensure your dog remains with all four on the floor.

If the treat is held too high, your dog may attempt to jump up, either out of excitement or to reach the treat. When this happens, I cancel the treat delivery. In other words, I simply bring my hand back up to my chest and wait for the dog to get all four paws back on the ground. I don’t say anything like “no,” “off,” or “leave it.” They just don’t get the reward. Once those feet are back on the ground, I restart the process of giving the dog the treat. If he jumps up, and he will, I repeat the retreat. Don’t worry; they actually catch on quicker than you might expect.

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Consistency in dog training is always key. Whether your dog successfully keeps all four paws down or resorts to jumping, your response should be the same. Reward only when the desired behavior happens; in this case, four feet on the floor for treats.

Small dog training tips.
Treat at your dog’s nose or below.

For those who find it challenging to crouch down to their dog’s level, an alternative method is to drop the treat on the ground and let them find it. This not only reinforces the idea of keeping all paws on the ground but also provides a fun activity for your dog.

Remember, dog training takes time and patience. If your small dog continues to struggle with jumping, practice this routine daily.

By following these simple steps and remaining patient, you can help your dog learn proper manners while enjoying their rewards.


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How to Give Your Small Dog a Treat Without Him Jumping Up to Collect (Early access for our Patreon community)