On The Road With Your Dog

Traveling With Dogs

When you and your dog are hitting the road for your dog-friendly vacation, the actual road trip can be the best part! Sometimes people are so focused on the destination, they forget to stop and smell the flowers, a part that a traveling dog really should be doing frequently. Here are my top 5 tips to make your journey to your vacation with your dog a fun one.

  1. Research the Route: Before you hit the road with your dog, hit the internet. Map out your journey and start to look for dog-friendly establishments, tourist spots, and parks. You can plan pit stops and potty breaks at the best spots. If you are traveling alone, this is extra important, because you need to stretch your legs.
  2. Call or Email:After your dog-friendly internet search, make sure you follow through with an email or phone call to double check that an establishment is dog-friendly and if there are specific rules for dogs. Some dog-friendly activities are specific to certain days or seasons, and it’s always possible that ownership or management has changed policies from what’s online. It’s a good idea to confirm your plans ahead of time.
  3. Potty Breaks: Stop often to stretch your legs and to get your dog out walking and sniffing. Depending on how often your dog travels, he may be a little stressed, so don’t rush him to do his business. On leash, let him sniff around and investigate. If he’s enjoying the trip, and I sure hope he does, take a little stroll around the rest area. Of course, don’t forget to pick up after he does his business!
  4. Half-Way Point: During some vacation road trips, the drive will be over 5 hours, which may indicate an overnight stay or two. These overnight retreats can be just as fun as the end destination. A little research can lead to a really fun day. When Dexter The Dog and I travel, we tend to leave at 3am or 4am to ensure our day trip will have plenty of time to enjoy the dog-friendly town of choice.
  5. Take Photos: That’s a given, right? Taking our dogs on dog-friendly vacations is so much fun and having great photos helps us relive the trip. Don’t be shy – snap a selfie or two!


Do you have any pet travel tips to share?  Please let me know in the comments.

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