5 Best Dog Travel Bags and Pet Travel Organizer Bags

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Top Dog Travel Bags and Pet Traveler Organizer Bags

Dog backpack and travel organizers
Dog travel essentials

When I’m taking Dexter on a dog-friendly vacation, packing the right dog travel essentials is crucial to ensure we have the best dog road trip possible. We pack everything from current dog id tags to an updated pet first aid kit. Learn more on our dog travel essentials. But, finding the best dog travel bag can always be a challenge. I will admit, my choices on how to organize Dexter’s belongs during a dog road trip do change depending on our itinerary and plans. However, if it’s a pet travel organizer bag, it must have a zipper or a secure closure so that all of his belongings don’t end up on the ground. Below are a few dog travel bags to help keep your pet travel gear organized.

Best Dog Travel Bags

Dog travel bags
Pet-themed travel bags

1. Sea Bags is the Maine-based designer and manufacturer of handmade items from recycled sails. The tough, roomy paw print or dog breed tote is a dog lover’s delight. Use it for your pet’s toys and supplies or as a dependable carryall that shows off your love of animals. These dog travel bags are made with rugged recycled sailcloth that resists wear and water, so don’t hesitate to take it along on all your adventures with your best friend. The pet travel bag comes in medium and large, and the large has the option to zip close or clasp closed. You can also add an interior zipper pocket and a matching wristlet to help keep small items organized.

Best bags and gear for traveling with a dog
Pet travel backpack

2. The Travel Backpack by Speck Travel. These dog travel backpacks were created to squeeze every bit of space into usable storage. If you prefer a dog tote, this bag can seamlessly transform from a backpack to a duffel bag and you can also hide the straps until you need them to minimize the bag’s footprint. This backpack brings the perfect combination of organization and style without weighing you down, perfect for when you are holding your dog’s leash in one hand and his dog treats in another.

With a built-in external USB port, you can recharge your cell phone so you don’t have to miss one single dog photograph! Your cord can easily plug into the port that leads to a pocket that safely holds your portable batteries so you can charge hands-free while you are on the go!

When traveling with a dog, lots of easily accessible pockets are key to a good dog backpack or bag. These strategically placed pockets are lifesavers when on the go, with more than 10 easily accessible pockets. Waterproof pockets that are perfect for that drooly pet towel.

The Travel Backpack also comes with a lifetime warranty, 100 day risk-free trial and best-in-class materials built to lighten your load. The dependable and secure TSA lock easily zips and locks into place. The Travel Backpack comes in three colors: black, concrete grey, and macaw blue. Measures 21.31”H x 14.56”W x 7”D.

3. Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag-This modern dog travel bag offers roomy compartments with a zippered RFID blocking pocket. The stylish pet travel organizer works equally well for dog-friendly travel or everyday use. The large openings offer easy access to your dog’s things, and it even has two hidden zippered side pockets, and a rear zip pocket to help keep your pet travel gear well organized. Travelon’s anti-theft features including slash-resistant construction, locking compartments, slash-resistant and locking straps to keep you and your pet’s belongings protected. This tote has been crafted in durable cotton canvas with rich suede trim, matte nickel hardware, and features classic pinstriped lining. The Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote will quickly become your favorite dog travel bag with a tethered key clip with LED light making picking up after your dog in the dark a cinch! Measurements 13.5 x 13.5 x 5 inches< /li>

4. Skip Hop dog travel bag comes with insulated side pockets to perfectly fit a dog’s water bottle and snacks. This day-to-dinner design also features a front compartment that flips down for a second look. The pet travel bag has a soft adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder or arm. With the clip-on stroller straps, this is one of the best dog travel bags for those using a dog stroller. The pet travel bag has 12 pockets, including 4 interior pockets and 2 hidden zippered side pockets. The dog travel bag is made with lightweight durable fabric and has metal feet to keep the bag off the ground. Measures 17l x 6.5w x 12h; (cm): 43l x 16.5w x 30.5h

5. Hafmall’s waterproof dog travel backpack and organizer is a perfect dog travel bag for those on the go. This pet travel organizer offers a variety of convenient pockets including a tissue pocket that can provide you instant access to dog wipes. The back zipper opening design allows you to easily access your dog travel essentials without open the whole backpack. The magnetic buttons instead of zippers let you open your backpack with one hand. Hafmall pet travel organizer bag adds soft padding to the straps to reduce fatigue and increases comfort. Dog parents can easily attach this dog travel bag to a dog stroller by D rings.

Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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5 Best Dog Travel Bags and Pet Travel Organizer Bags

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  1. These are some great looking bags! Perfect for keeping everything organized for pets! I need one for cats. Not that they travel with me, but still. They’d like all their treats in one place.

  2. These are all great bags, I like the last two because they are very stylish as well. When I used to pet sit for a mini dachshund I had a bicycle bag for him. He used to love traveling in it, as he had a front view of what was happening ahead.

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  4. We travel with both of our dogs. I need one of these organizational bags. Water bottles, leashes, treats, food, bottled water…I know how it goes!

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