Can Dogs Eat Apples? | Health Benefits of Apples for Pets

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 Do Dogs Eat Apples?

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Can Dogs Eat People Food?

I’m often asked about dogs eating “people food.” If you recall, I’m a firm believer in feeding my pets real food vs. processed pet food. For the most part, I provide Dexter the Dog a fresh, wholesome, DIY raw dog food. When I prepare his fresh dog food, I typically shoot for healthy meats and about 5-15% organic fruits and vegetables.

So, where do apples come into play? For us, I rotate organic apples into his mix and I also will use them as either dehydrated apple treats or in his frozen Kong mixtures. Why? Apples are a healthy fruit for dogs.

Are Apples Okay for Dogs?

Apples are more than okay for dogs, they are a healthy treat. Apples are relatively high in fiber. A medium-sized apple contains about 4.4 grams of fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber help to make your dog feel fuller, are good for colon health, and help with firming up poop.

They are also packed with phytonutrients and flavonoids, like quercetin, which is helpful if your dog has allergies. Foods rich in flavonoids are considered heart-healthy. Apples are also are rich in vitamin C.

Can a dog eat an apple
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Is Apple Skin Safe for Dogs?

When feeding your dog apples, don’t skip the skins! The apple skin contains most of the vitamin K, A, and C. It also is a great source of the flavonoid quercetin, which can help boost your dog’s immune system. However, please feed the skin with the apple slice and cut into small pieces to prevent choking. Supervision is highly recommended.

Apple Cores and Seeds

Skip the apple core and the apple seeds. Apple seeds contain cyanide, which can build up in your dog’s system and prevent the blood from carrying oxygen throughout his body. One or two seeds aren’t an emergency, but too many can be a problem. Apple cores are a big choking hazard.

TCM and Apples

Looking at the apple through Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, apples are energetically cooling to neutral. Given that apples are high in moisture, it helps nourish Yin and brings moisture back to the body. Apples support the lungs, increase Qi, strengthen the heart, resolve phlegm and tonify the liver.

The next time you are slicing an apple, don’t forget to share a slice or two with your dog. Yes, cats can eat them, too! Check out this fun apple pie frozen dog treat recipe.

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Do you feed your dog fresh food? Tell me in the comments.

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Healthy Dog Treat Recipes
Healthy dog treat recipes

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Can Dogs Eat Apples? | Health Benefits of Apples for Pets