Can Dogs Eat Raw or Cooked Eggs? | Are Eggshells Good for Dogs? (Early access for our Patreon community)

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Eggs for Dogs

Is raw egg good for dogs
All about dogs and eggs

The short answer is, yes. Most dogs and cats tolerate eggs very well. A few may have allergies to eggs or are not accustomed to raw or fresh food and may get an upset belly. If your pet has not had raw or cooked eggs before, start out slow. I would even recommend for non-raw-fed dogs to start out with a cooked egg. Maybe even half if it’s a small dog. Then, gradually decrease the cook time until you are feeding your dog raw eggs. Now, on to the post.

Can Dogs Have Raw Eggs

Can dogs eat raw eggs
Can dogs eat raw or cooked eggs? Learn all about dogs and eggs in this dog nutrition article. #RaisingYourPetsNaturally

As I mentioned above, yes, but introduce raw eggs to your dog gradually. The biggest concern people seem to have about feeding a dog raw eggs is the risk of salmonella poisoning. I am happy to say that dogs digestive systems are not like ours, and they are able to handle salmonella from raw eggs without any issues.

That said, we are not dogs. It’s important when you handle raw eggs to clean up! And wash your dog’s bowl when he’s finished slurping up his egg.

The second risk people are concerned about with feeding a dog raw eggs is causing a biotin deficiency. Egg whites do contain avidin, which is an enzyme that interferes with biotin. Cooking the egg will actually decrease this issue, but it also greatly decreases the nutritional value of the egg.

But, no need to fear, egg yolks are here! Egg yolks are very high in biotin, so if you feed your dog the entire egg, you shouldn’t have any issues. Even if you didn’t feed the yolk, you would have to feed your dog a lot of raw egg whites to cause a biotin deficiency.

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Is Raw Egg Good for Dogs

Can puppies have raw eggs
Health benefits of raw eggs for pets

Now that I’ve covered any safety concerns, let’s talk about the health benefits of feeding your dog or puppy raw eggs. The lovely whole egg is a pretty darn complete and nutritious food. This is doubly true if you include feeding your dog the egg shell. You will want to make sure the shell is broken in small enough pieces for your dog to handle. He may even prefer you to dry them out in the oven then grind them in a coffee grinder and sprinkle on his food.

Raw eggs are full of protein, amino acids, vitamins A, B, D3, Magnesium, Phosphorus, iron, calcium (shells), and fatty acids. For most dogs, several eggs a week is ideal. Of course, if your dog has any health concerns, please speak with your holistic veterinarian.

You Are What You Eat

And so is your dog! This means the quality of the eggs and, most importantly, the hens laying the eggs is very important. If the hen is living in nasty conditions, the bacteria level will be higher. My go-to is sourcing Dexter‘s eggs from organic, free-range farms. Even then, I wash the egg in water before feeding to Dexter.

Feeding Dexter Cooked Eggs

What kind of eggs can dogs have
Cooked eggs for dogs

Yup. Dexter definitely gets his share of cooked eggs. I find cooked eggs make a great addition to his hollow toys that I fill with food. Sure, he’s not getting the full benefits of a raw egg, but he is getting some and he looooves his eggs. It’s a great way to provide him with a healthy snack in the living room. I don’t fill his toys with raw food purely because of the cleanliness in the house.

What Kinds of Eggs to Feed a Dog

Can dogs have eggs
Dogs and eggs

I feed Dexter pretty much any kind of bird egg I can get my hands on. As long as I’m confident about the farm, it’s a go. Various eggs supply slightly different nutritional values. Not being an egg eater myself, I’m also going to guess they have a different flavor profile. Dexter is all into flavors. 😉 And we all know, it’s all about Dexter.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw or Cooked Eggs? | Are Eggshells Good for Dogs? (Early access for our Patreon community)