Nutter The Cat’s Birthday Blog Giveaway Pet Contest 2018 | Celebrate Nutter The Cat’s 20th Birthday!

Nutter The Cat’s Free Birthday Giveaway 2018

Contest Runs 3/26/18->4/8/18

Nutter The Cat’s Birthday Blog Giveaway 2018. Help me celebrate Nutter's 20th birthday in his first cat giveaway. Click for details. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Nutter The Cat’s Giveaway

Help me celebrate Nutter’s twentieth birthday! Since Nutter was a stray 16 years ago, his age is a guess. This year I will be hosting a giveaway to honor Nutter’s life. Enter starting 3/26/18->4/8/18

Click for official contest details.

ONE US winner will win ALL of the prizes below. ?  Thank you to our pet sponsors and supporters.

How To Enter:

  1. Comment on this blog post (very bottom of page) why you want the prize package.
  2. Click I Commented on the contest app (below).  That’s it!
  3. Extra 5 point entries will appear and include visiting my Facebook page, Tweeting and following Raising Your Pets Naturally and the sponsors on their Twitter Accounts.
  4. Winner will be emailed on the 9th. ? US winner only, thank you.
  5. UPDATE from original images.  Twitter has changed their guidelines and will no longer allow daily tweets, so “daily” entries is no longer available. 🙁  Sorry.


Darwin's Natural Pet Products Raw Dog and Cat Food
Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products ~Our introductory order includes a 10lb assortment of our premium raw pet food meals – free-range and cage-free meats (with organic vegetables in our dog meals). At Darwin’s we believe that all pet owners should have the opportunity to feed their pets a healthy meal made from high quality ingredients. Our goal is to make feeding your pet fresh, healthy, quality raw meals convenient and affordable.








Custom pet art work
Wendy Art

Wendy Art~Win a custom digital portrait of your precious fur baby! The color palette and floral background of your choice. The portrait is hand painted with digital art pen and tablet. Delivered as a high-resolution jpeg. file which is perfect to get printed on canvas or aluminum at your local or online print shop. You can even get it printed on a pillow or bag! To see more work please visit









Treatibles Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Dropper Bottle with MCT Coconut Oil – 250mg. Phytocannabinoids can instill calm and balance in pets with anxiety, promote healthy joints and digestion, reduce discomfort, increase appetite, address seizures, support the body’s anti-inflammatory response and more. Coconut oil, known for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, is also rich in antioxidants and lauric acid. The combination of these oils creates an excellent formula with both internal and topical applications. 1 Bottle






Enter Here

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Nutter The Cat’s Birthday Blog Giveaway 2018. Help me celebrate Nutter's 20th birthday in his first cat giveaway. Click for details. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #giveaway #contests #petgiveaway #catgiveaway #petcontests #catcontests
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52 thoughts on “Nutter The Cat’s Birthday Blog Giveaway Pet Contest 2018 | Celebrate Nutter The Cat’s 20th Birthday!

  1. I’d like to win because I’ve always wanted to try raw pet food meals on my cat! I’d love the digital picture of him also!

  2. We have two cats adopted from the local shelter that I’m sure would love the pet meals. They are brothers that were abandoned and when we visited the shelter my boys fell in love. My sons each have their own little buddy, funny thing is that the personalities seem to match! The artwork would be awesome, I have a “purrfect” place to hang it!

  3. Three rescued cats live in our house. I know our feral cat would definitely benefit from using the Treatibles PCR drops. We have not tried a raw diet yet and this would be a good introduction.

  4. Tomorrow is my sweet kitty’s 14th birthday. I would love to get her some coconut oil to see if it would help sooth her joints.

  5. I want to win for my pets, so that they get to celebrate Nutter’s twentieth birthday, as well, by enjoying this awesome prize package.

  6. I’d love to win because these are all brands I’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet!

  7. I have 3 cats of various ages, 1 dog and 5 birds, so I have my hands full! Lol! I would love to win because anytime I can save on pet food and products for them is great! I try to give all of my pets the best of everything to keep them safe, happy and healthy, even if it means I go without something, they never have to.Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

  8. This is amazing! I would love to have a custom digital portrait of my sweet baby, Jaxx! I would love to try the Treatibles for his anxiety. He would also love the Darwin’s Natural Pet Products premium raw pet food meals! Thanks so much for the chance!

  9. I would love to win for my 5 cats. They range in age of 2 yrs up to 11 yrs. I love them all and want to give them the very best!

  10. My cat, Callie, is 17 and deserves the best. She was a stray who came to our house and had three kittens. My parents adopted her and she moved from house to assisted living and then to me when they went to a nursing home and passed. She has adapted each time and I try to give her the best I can. She would love to win.

  11. I’ve been wanting to try raw food for a while now and the custom portrait would be fabulous!

  12. 4 cats, one is diabetic and 13 years old. Thank you for the chance and happy birthday!!!!

  13. I would love to win this for my pets, having more fur babies in the house than humans is a lot of work but so worth it! I just love them to pieces and i love to spoil them when i can.

  14. Ok would love to win since my pets give me so much, I like to give them the best & special surprises sometimes 🙂

  15. I want to win because it’s a really great prize! My fur babies and I would love this!!

  16. I would love this for the 3 kitties I have at home! They would absolutely love the food, and it is healthy for them. I am always trying to stay on top of what they eat and their health!

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