Canine and Feline Anxiety | How Treatible’s CBD Oil Can Help Pet Anxiety and Pain Management

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Treatibles CBD Oil Review

Learn how CBD Oil can help dogs and cats with anxiety, particularly from fireworks, thunderstorms and separation anxiety. Click to ease their fear. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Treatibls CBD Oil Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

Pet anxiety has been part of my life for many, many years. I began my dog training career working in an animal shelter, and it just broke my heart to see all the dogs and cats suffering and stressed with their new situation. Little did I know at that time, helping dog and cat parents with their anxious pets would be the foundation of my career in the pet industry.

I’ve spent the last 20 years learning new ways to help my clients and their fearful dogs and cats. Whether I’m learning new behavior and training protocols, discovering how food can affect behavior, or researching new pet products for anxiety, easing a pet’s anxiety is always in the front of my mind.

CBD For Dogs, Cats and Pets

CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets has been receiving some good press. Various ongoing scientific and clinical studies are being conducted on the use of CBD for various medical and behavioral issues. Dr. Robert J Silver, a holistic veterinarian, wrote the book Cannabis For Pets, which discusses the many potential clinical applications for this herbal drug therapy.

Learn how CBD Oil can help dogs and cats with anxiety, particularly from fireworks, thunderstorms and separation anxiety. Click to ease their fear. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Treatibles CBD Oil for Pets

I have been listening with open ears over the years, as other pet experts discuss CBD for pets, particularly how it can help scared dogs and cats. Over the last year, one brand came onto my radar, Treatibles. As luck would have it, they were at a pet blogging conference I attended last month, so I was able to speak with them in-depth about their CBD products for pets.

After our conversation, we decided I would review and try their CBD oil drops for pets. At the moment, I do not have a dog with anxiety, but I did have a client that was willing to try Treatible’s CBD oil drops with her dog, Sora.

I’ve been working with my client and Sora for two years. They are doing great! However, Sora is a fearful dog who has been working hard at overcoming his dog anxiety. He also gets worked up and rowdy quickly around various stimuli. I felt he would be a perfect candidate for Treatible’s CBD oil.

Learn how CBD Oil can help dogs and cats with anxiety, particularly from fireworks, thunderstorms and separation anxiety. Click to ease their fear. #raisingyourpetsnaturally

Unlike some anxiety medications or natural calming aids, the effects are pretty immediate, typically five minutes to an hour after the first dose. Treatibles are safe and non-toxic, and can be administered as needed, depending on the pet’s behavior. If a pet guardian does not see a difference within the hour, another dose can be given. During the first few times of providing CBD oil to your pet, observe him carefully to find the optimal dose. You cannot overdose on Treatible’s CBD oil.

Sora started taking his CBD oil two times a day. After day two, I asked how Sora was doing now that he was using Treatible’s CBD oil. His owner was thrilled with the results! She told me he was far calmer around his high-arousal triggers and a lot easier to redirect if he did get a bit focused. She also told me he was disengaging in caring about the triggers quicker.

She also said that his low-arousal triggers were almost nonexistent. He was even lying around during some mild stimuli, instead of being focused on what was going on and trying to decide if he should be concerned.

I asked her if he was lethargic or had less energy than usual, and she told me no. He seemed more relaxed and able to sleep when the time was appropriate, but was ready to play and engage with her easily.

Learn how CBD Oil can help dogs and cats with anxiety, particularly from fireworks, thunderstorms and separation anxiety. Click to ease their fear. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
CBD Oil for pain management

You may have noticed the title of this blog post also mentioned pain management. As some of you may already know, my dog Dexter suffers from Chiari-like malformation (CM) and syringomyelia (SM). His disease causes some days to be more painful than others. I’m a member of a few CM/SM groups where pain management is often discussed. In our discussions CBD oil often comes up as a recommendation for some dogs. It’s never 100% successful with each dog, but some find it useful in managing syringomyelia pain.

I’m happy to report that I have not had the chance to test this on Dexter, as he’s been pain-free for quite a while! But I do have it on the ready for the next time he has a painful day.

People may wonder why I choose to review the Treatible brand. Two words: manufacturing and testing. Treatibles are non-GMO, and the hemp used is grown in Colorado. Each batch goes through three levels of testing, and is third-party tested to boot. They test for heavy metals and contaminants in the cannabinoid materials, and cannabinoid levels in the raw material and in the final product. Test results can be found on their website.

Learn how CBD Oil can help dogs and cats with anxiety, particularly from fireworks, thunderstorms and separation anxiety. Click to ease their fear. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Cats Too!

What’s next in my review? A read-through of the ingredient panel for my viewers. This part is always an important factor when choosing a pet product. What, exactly, are ALL the ingredients?

Treatibles CBD Oil Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, Phytocannabinoid-rich oil

I’m definitely adding Treatible’s CBD oil to my toolbox of tricks. From my research and the results so far, I think this is a great product for pets with anxiety, particularly if they are active because of the anxiety. For example, separation anxiety, dogs afraid of storms, fear of fireworks, travel anxiety, etc. I’m also hopeful that it will help Dexter the next time he has a painful episode.

I truly want to thank the team at Treatibles for bringing such a great product to market, and for their integrity with their product’s manufacturing and ingredients. If you have a pet with anxiety or pain, I urge you to click and read more about Treatible’s CBD oil for pets.

2/26/18 UPDATE: My client now has all three of her dogs on Treatibles and continues to see success! Dexter is now taking Treatibles 2 x day per his vet.  You can read about it here.

Do you have an anxious pet? Tell me in the comments.

Learn how CBD Oil can help dogs and cats with anxiety, particularly from fireworks, thunderstorms and separation anxiety. Click to ease their fear. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
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148 thoughts on “Canine and Feline Anxiety | How Treatible’s CBD Oil Can Help Pet Anxiety and Pain Management

  1. I’ve been trying to learn about some of these new CBD products for pets, especially with pain management. We’ve been approached by another brand to give it a try, but I’ve been hesitant.

  2. That’s very interesting. You hear about oils for humans, but it never occurred to me pets could benefit from them too!

  3. I love seeing more and more non-gmo products out there, whether they’re for humans or animals. I hope the trend continues.

  4. My dog is having anxiety attacks when the storm is near and I might look into this one! Hope it might help the lil pup x

  5. Sounds like a truly great product. I’m excited for the future research in this area. CBD oil’s certainly have a benefit in people, so it makes perfect sense that they would for our pets as well. Thank you for being willing to test this product out and share!

  6. I have a calico with serious anxiety disorder. I wish I could use this on her, but it’s actually illegal in Florida – unless you are on a registration list. I do know the difference between marijuana and CBD. Apparently, Florida wants to regulate this to death.

  7. I’m so stoked that you did this post!!! I’ve been so curious about CBD and/or marijuana for pets. My dog has the worst anxiety, especially when I leave the house. I might have to give this a go.


  8. I love the idea of products that can be safely used on our furry little friends. Have you seen the hair dye you can use on pets?

  9. This is cool, I never thought there were oils that are good for puppies! I love dogs and I owned one before, but when I use oils or sprays, I remember how she would constantly lick it away haha. But that’s an interesting fact I just learned how oils are used for pain management.

  10. I had no idea animals could have anxiety but it does make since. My dog, on the other hand, is scared of everything and I mean everything by anything he has never seen before. Not sure it’s anxiety though maybe just a boston terrier thing.

  11. I’m so glad you’ve written about a calming product like this one. There are definitely times when we would be thankful to have it. One of our golden retrievers hates (and I mean hates) loud noises. In a week or so they’re going to start demolition on an elementary school pretty close to our house. I’ve been worried about how she’s going to do. We’ll definitely have to give this a try

  12. I have been hearing about all the great benefits there are with CBD. I did not know you could get it in treats for your pets. It would be great for my pups arthritis.

  13. Hi, I never heard of pet anxiety before, but thank you for sharing this post. I actually learned something new today and i am glad. I want to get a small puppy for my daughter and it is good to be aware of these things!

  14. These look like nice products. It is so important that the pets are being taken care of nicely and along with so many things, this kind of oils may help them to stay calm and relax. Thanks for an informative share

  15. Wow! It’s my first time knowing about this product; sounds like a great one…..I’ve not noticed anxiety in my pets tho but ‘ll be sure to check for this product for them in case……luckily, there’s no overdose, right? Thanks for sharing; your posts are always helpful 🙂

  16. I have never heard of animal anxiety before! How crazy is that? I have been a dog owner and now have a cat and will soon have a dog again as we moved home and have space. Sora is beautiful btw! Just to prove they are not killer dogs! <3

  17. this is a new one to me, i love pets, dogs especially and never thought of this as a good help, truthfully this is a good help for the effect , will be sharing to friends and family who have dogs as i dont have one now.

  18. Our dog gets very anxious during storms, so much so we have to sit with him until he falls asleep. I will look into this, after last nights storm I’m starting to get worried about him.

  19. We don’t really think of animals as having anxiety, but they are quite similar to us! CBD Oil sounds like a good remedy.

  20. Thankfully anxiety and stress has never really been an issue for my cats, as far as I can tell. But i’ll definitely bear these products in mind should I ever find them to be anxious or stressed 🙂 x

  21. I use this cbd oil on 2 dogs for 2 different reason. The older has arthritis–and this has made a major difference in her life. The other is pre-seizure. Loud noises (year long fireworks) make him almost catatonic. This oil has been a major blessing.

    I also have the cookies and they each get one in the morning—I will NEVER be without!

  22. hmmmm…. interesting. Wondering if it’s safe for flying. Vets really don’t like to sedate pets for flying since it can cause more harm than do good.

  23. I’m definitely looking into this! My cat has no issues, but I’m fostering two dogs with a lot of anxiety. Thanks for this!

  24. Thanks for introducing me to Treatible’s CBD oil. I’d never heard of it before, but our dog does suffer from mild anxiety. And considering he’s 15-years-old, he does have a bit of pain that may be managed with this. I’ll have to look into it more.

  25. Great review! I love seeing unbiased reviews on products BEFORE I spend money trying them! This is great!

  26. I used to have a dog that was afraid of storms. How I wish I had this when I had that dog. Sadly she passed a few years ago. This product definitely would have helped her. If we get a dog that has anxiety, I will keep this product in mind.

  27. As a pet owner, I’m always curious to learn about products on the market that help make their lives comfortable. This was very insightful and informative.

  28. I don’t think I’d be overly comfortable using CBD for anxiety and other “minor” issues. I would, hovewer, consider using it for any serious problem it could work for if other options ineffective.

  29. I have not noticed any anxiety in my dog but I would be more observant. I am glad there are products like these available to help our fur babies. I’ll share the info with my sister too. She’s got 3 dogs.

  30. Wow! I am glad this is already available for our pets too. I am sure this will be a big help for our pets who are undergoing some anxiety issues.

  31. This sounds really interesting and I would like to give it a try with Ruby. She does have some separation anxiety and nervousness around other dogs and new people.

    What about side effects with prescription meds? Obviously I will talk to my vet, but curious if that was discussed during your interview? Ruby is on a low dose of Phenobarbital for seizures.

  32. Its strange as when it comes to mental health we often don’t factor in pets. But the truth is that pets too suffer with anxiety so I am pleased to hear that there is some non-toxic immediate relief available for pets x

  33. This is great. Every year, I try to do my best to keep my cats and dogs anxiety level low when 4th of July comes around. They are terrified of the fireworks. Good to know there are some preparations we can purchase to help them calm down.

  34. Wonderful! I use CBD oil on my massage patients that have pain associated with stiffness, arthritis, or more. Treatibles is a wonderful company and Beau is also benefitting from their chews.

  35. Wow, that is a really short period of time to see results! One of my friend’s dogs is very fearful, I’ll have to let her know about this.

  36. That’s awesome that Treatibles worked so well for your client’s dog and his anxiety. Our boy Ringo can be anxious at times, though it’s 500x better than it used to be. It may be worth looking into for those unexpected situations that are way over his threshold though. Thanks for sharing!

  37. This definitely looks like a good product, I like that it’s all natural. It’s wonderful that it’s worked so well for Sora! Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  38. Our Pet Store around the corner sells CBD biscuits for the dogs. I have been reading a lot about it lately but thank goodness do not have the need at this moment, Great post

  39. I really regret not talking to the Treatibles folks more at BlogPaws. We got a few samples and we really find that Felix is a lot more chill with them and he seems less stiff. He also thinks they’re the bees knees and will bark to ask for one, so that’s always a bonus in my book. The catch? I can’t find them in Canada. WHOMP WHOMP. I’m hopeful I can track some down!

  40. I may have missed this in the discussion, but does one need to give this every day or can it be used in specific anxiety situations, such as thunderstorms and fireworks? I ask because my mom’s dog has a fit with storms!

    1. Hi, Paula. If it’s just a specific fear of things that are on occasion, like fireworks, thunderstorm, then only needed when that situation occurs. If on the other hand, like Sora, and he can easily get worked up daily, he is using daily. I have a lot of articles on thunderstorms ( and just did a one-hour phone interview about the subject. You can find that on my FB page.

  41. Keeping a pet seems to be a tough job. But you’re doing a great work on helping people to raise pets in healthy ways.

  42. Amazing! I’ll have to try this on my dog! He gets terrible anxiety whenever we have to put him in our car!

  43. My next door neighbor’s lab has severe thunder phobia. I hate seeing that sweet dog suffer. Here, in Florida, we get a thunderstorm almost every afternoon. I am going to purchase Treatibles CBD Oil for them. Hopefully, they will give it a try!

  44. Wow! I think I’m going to try this product. Unfortunately last year we started to have problems with our male Bouiver, Hemi, and fireworks. For some reason (after 6 years). I found him cowering in the bushes.

      1. When treating a dog with this product that has a very, very bad case of thunder phobia, do you give the product only when it is storming or is it given daily?

        1. Hi, Vanessa. It would depend on the dog’s behavior. If he as other anxieties, stress, then it can be a daily treatment. If I had this with my previous thunder phobic dog, it would be a daily for him, then re-dose about 60 minutes prior to the storm. I do offer phone sessions and have a lot of thunder storm experience if you need help.

  45. I have a cat with what is possibly idiopathic bladder inflammation. I am just beside myself with trying to find a way to help. After several bouts with blockages, catheters, changing foods, buying a water fountain, and finally having the perineal urethrostomy surgery, and thousands of dollars in debt, he has been back to the vet twice since the surgery for what was either UTI or it’s idiopathic due to stress. Both of those visits were inconclusive because they couldn’t get a specimen to determine if there was infection or not. He is very high strung and territorial, so he is starting to really be affected by the visits to the vet. It seems to be affecting his whole demeanor now. He is losing his playfulness and just seems like he’s always tense, like he’s anticipating having to go again. I just want something to help him relax, as I’m concerned that his anxiety to begin with may have been causing his bladder inflammation and now the anxiety is even worse due to all of the treatment, surgery and vet visits. I am scared that after all I have done, have I put him through all of that to just cause him more anxiety and he will still continue to suffer with these flare ups because he’s so stressed. Do you think this situation is something that may be helped with this product? Your advise is greatly appreciated. I’m at the end of my rope financially and I don’t want to lose my baby, but I can’t let him suffer like this for the rest of his life if anxiety is going to cause these flare ups every time we turn around.

    1. Hi, Valarie. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I am assuming the vet put him on a raw diet or at the very least canned food. If not, I would suggest looking for a veterinary food therapist- I’d be happy to work with you privately to discuss behavior, but I would need you to fill out a client profile and set up a time for a phone/Skype session. If you would like to do this, please email me at tonya @ and we can get the ball rolling and figure out what is best for your case. ~Tonya

  46. Hello,

    I have a 1.5 year old male pug who gets overly excited when we go anywhere or sees anything. It’s usually worse when we are going somewhere in the car vs coming home, im guessing because he is to tired to react and just wants to sleep… when we are on walks he goes after leaves, other people/dogs. Doesn’t matter if there are right in front of us or on the other side of the street. My pug is very social and i love that about him. But i would like him to be more calm in the car at any time and on walks. Would CBD help this behavior??

    1. Hello, Brenda. As with any calming aid, it doesn’t work alone, but in conjunction with behavior modification and training. Here’s a training article about excitement at the end of the leash. Don’t let the title fool you. CBD oil won’t hurt to add to a training program. I’m not sure this would be my first go-to for your pug. I’d be happy to consult via phone/Skype on his needs. ~Tonya

  47. Love to read all of Tonya’s information. She is fantastic. Sure wish I lived closer. Thank you for all your help.

  48. I have a 4 year old havanese who is fearful of everything .last spring she started biting her paws and scratching non stop .her vet put her on Apoquel . Helped but not fully so we tried treatables cbd oil recently . Haven’t noticed much of a change

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