Chew Guard Dragon Dog Toy Review

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Chew Guard Dragon Dog Toy Review

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Chew Guard Dragon Review

The Chew Guard Dragon is another of my ultimate favorite plush dog toys. Over the past year and a half, I’ve had Booth, my green dragon, and Puff, my blue dragon. They stand up to a lot of extreme dog tugging and shaking. I really get down and dirty tossing and pulling these two toys around with Mom.

But, once again, as with all plush or fabric-type dog toys, none can stand up to “picking” at the edges. Just like the Sqwuggie, if Mom doesn’t pick up my green dragon after we play, I sometimes like to go back to it and try to chew up the ears.

Pros: Tough, fun, great size, economically priced
Cons: Sturdy, but nothing “fabric” can stand up to my picking

Is your dog tough on his toys? Tell me in the comments.

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