Dexter Does The Lake: Wordless Wednesday Style

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Dexter The Dog is a big fan of the water. He’s not a dog who loves to swim, but he really does enjoy walking on the shoreline and hunting for frogs.  What about your dog?

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Lakes make him happy. 🙂


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30 thoughts on “Dexter Does The Lake: Wordless Wednesday Style

  1. Haley wishes she could be right there with you, Dexter. She’ll pass up the frogs though and dive in after a stick or fish, lol! Have you ever picked up a frog in your mouth, Dexter?

    1. Haley sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve only gently pushed frogs with my nose and a little licking. I did vomit my first frog season! x Dex

  2. Awwwwe dexter, you are so cute! Chip is unsure of the water, but he loves to hunt frogs (or maybe they’re toads?) in our backyard after a heavy rain. He pushes them with his nose to make them jump!

    1. Hahaha I bet Chip is super cute doing it! Careful, Dexter did vomit after licking too many toads. 😉

  3. My dogs also hover around the perimeter of water and on occasion if it’s SUPER hot they’ll wade in it for awhile to cool off. I try to throw in sticks and toys but they don’t really care for swimming in all that far. 🙂

    1. Sounds like Dexter. When it’s really warm, he goes in deeper. I guess they get to decide what’s fun and not so hotsy-totsy. 😉

    1. Haha, Dexter is a HUGE frog hunter. Well, he doesn’t hurt them, just likes to find them. 🙂

  4. Haha, such a lovely guy. My dog Emma is an athlete. No matter what angles I throw to her, he can contort her body in all possible ways to pluck it out of the air 🙂

  5. wowweee. My Brian is also a water lover!! His eyes are also brighter than ever whenever he’s near water. However, Brian may not be great frog hunter like Dexter. Anw, hope to see Dexter someday 🙂

  6. What a beautiful little man. I’ve always loved little Cavaliers since my grandmother had one in the 1990’s. They’re so sweet and just lovely little beings. 🙂

  7. You are VERY brave Dexter, I do not like getting my Princess slippers wet at all!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. My dog Lucky, he loves to put his mouth under the water and blow out the water bubbles through his nose! It is really funny when you see the emotion on his face at that time. I guess that he feel comfortable to release his “stress” by playing this water game.

  9. Dexter is so adorable !! I’m raising a corgi right now and he’s in love with water. On the weekend I usually pump water in an inflatable pool and let him play or swim for about half an hour. He really enjoys it.

    1. Now, that’s adorable! I bet those are some fun times and make great photos and videos.

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