DIY Paw Print Painting Keepsake | Learn How to Make a Homemade Paw Print Painting

DIY Paw Print How-To

Make your dog's paw out of paint
DIY Paw Print Craft

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

Dexter the Dog made his first paw print painting on one of our dog-friendly road trips back in 2014. It’s been hanging on my wall ever since. This year I started practicing making dog paw print paintings as fun keepsakes when Dexter and I visit schools and libraries. It’s a great way for children to remember the fun time they had visiting Dexter. Sometimes I create a few pet paw prints on a canvas, allow them to dry, then the children add their own special creations, turning them into flowers and other fun things.

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the basics so that you, too, can create a-one-of a-kind DIY paw print keepsake. This easy dog-themed craft requires only a few supplies.

  1. Non-Toxic Pet-Friendly Paint
  2. Foam or Regular Paint Brushes
  3. Shallow Plastic Container
  4. Heavy Card Stock or Canvas
  5. Clipboard
  6. Drop Cloth
  7. Towels
  8. Bowl of 4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo and Water

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The first step is to ensure the pads of your dog’s feet are trimmed up. This is especially important if your dog has fuzzy feet. Next, find a good spot to work with your dog. Remember, you will be using paint, and your dog will have paint on his feet. You may want to work outside in a fenced in area or have your dog on his leash.

How to make a paw painting
Trimmed dog feet

Because Dexter is a very calm dog and is used to me handling him and asking him to do odd things, I actually set up our paw print painting area in my bedroom. For the video, I set up a 4′ table and placed a soft bed on top. Then, I draped a clean shower liner over the bed and table, followed by an old sheet. Dexter was very comfortable lying on the bed, although I did have my mom there just to ensure Dexter didn’t decide to jump off.

I then prepped a container of water with a squirt of 4-Legger Moisturizing Shampoo. I’ve been using 4-Legger products on Dexter since 2016. I’m a firm believer in using safe and non-toxic grooming products with Dexter, and 4-Legger products are not only synthetic-free and safe, but work extremely well.

USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo with Organic Aloe Juice and Organic Essential Oils by 4-Legger. Organic Neem Dog Shampoo Review #raisingyourpetsnaturally
4-Legger Organic Shampoo

Next, decide on if you are going to do your DIY dog paw print on heavy card stock or canvas. If you decide to use a heavy card stock, which is what I would suggest for your first time, use a clipboard to secure the paper.

Open all the colors of paint you intend to use for your dog paw print. You can either squirt the paint into a shallow plastic container and allow your dog to put his foot inside, or you can dab the pet safe paint directly onto his paw pad. It’s really your choice, and you can try a few different ways.

Making paw prints with paint
Sponge technique

For Dexter’s homemade paw print keepsake, I dabbed the paint directly onto his paw pad. For some of his prints I used the same color on all pads, and for others I chose a different color for each pad. The sky is the limit on how you want to create your masterpiece.

Paw print crafts for children
Inking Dexter’s foot

Once your dog’s paw pad is coated with the non-toxic paint, gently take his foot and press it onto your paper or canvas. Remove in an upward motion to help prevent smudging. However, don’t be alarmed if the prints are not perfect. There will likely be a bit of smudging, which just makes the print even more special.

Dog crafts for kids
Firmly place paw on paper
How to do a paw painting
Paw print paintings

You can reapply the pet-friendly paint on your dog’s pads and make more prints across your paper. If you choose to use another color, gently dunk his foot into your 4-Legger shampoo mix, rub his feet and fur until the paint is removed, then towel dry his foot. Then you can apply your next color of paint and repeat the process.

Best paint for paw prints
Clean paw with 4-Legger shampoo
Painting your dog's feet
Towel dry

Once your masterpiece is finished, allow it to fully dry. Viola! You now have your very own paw print painting keepsake. You can frame the prints or hang the canvas. For even more fun, scan your dog’s creation and make custom holiday cards or gifts. There are so many fun things you can make from your dog’s paw print. Have fun with it.

Paw print canvas
Dog paw print paintings

If you are looking for a truly safe and synthetic-free organic dog shampoo, I highly recommend trying 4-Legger’s line of USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo with Organic Aloe Juice. You won’t be disappointed. Order today with promo code RaiseNaturally20 for 20% off your order.

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DIY Paw Print Painting Keepsake | Learn How to Make a Homemade Paw Print Painting

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  1. I LOVE this idea. I’ve been wanting to do something with our cat for a long time but just didn’t know what. A paw print keep sake would be beautiful.

  2. It looks like a great activity with my dog. I also want to hang our work to my wall. Good thing you have a very calm dog.

  3. This is such a perfect idea! I have some of these that my grandchildren did, but I never would have thought about doing it with a pet. I doubt my cats will be so patient, though!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I know of a few members in my family who would love this, I’ll pass it along.

  5. Your dog is quite the artist! (And very tolerant!) The most we’d probably manage is a single paw print. Well, before there was paint all over the floor and carpet!

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