Dog-Friendly Boat Cruise: Shell Key Shuttle

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Dog-Friendly St. Petersburg, Florida Activities, and Attractions

Dog-Friendly Boat Cruise: Shell Key Shuttle

Dog-Friendly St. Petersburg, Florida. If you are looking for a fun dog-friendly activity in Florida, you should check out Shell Key Shuttle. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Dog-Friendly Petersburg, Florida |Boat Cruise: Shell Key Shuttle

During our dog-friendly Florida vacation, we had to do a dog-friendly sunset cruise! I mean, Dexter is a total boat dog. He loves everything about boat rides. Before our trip, I saw that Shell Key Shuttle had a page on their website stating the sunset cruise was dog-friendly. I always like to confirm and check the rules, so I contacted Shell Key Shuttle and they quickly responded to my email explaining that their day trips to Shell Key were not dog-friendly because of the Audubon preserve, but they did allow dogs on their sunset/dolphin watching cruises. That was awesome news.

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We called in our reservation the day of the cruise and arrived at the Merry Pier (801 Pass-A-Grille Way) half an hour before departure. When Dexter saw the dock and boat, he was very happy. I think this boy is a mind-reader and knew we were going for a pet-friendly boat ride. We checked in, then were helped aboard the shuttle. I brought water, dog treats, a dog mat, my camera and of, course Dexter. We were ready to check out some Florida dolphins, then head into the sunset.

Florida Dog-Friendly Dolphin Tours
Waiting For Our Florida Dog-Friendly Dolphin Tours

This Florida dolphin cruise was very enjoyable, and the captain and crew were welcoming and friendly. We started with a great sight-seeing cruise through residential waterways and through the inspiring barrier islands south of Pass-a-Grille. We went from historic cypress beach cabins to modern multi-million dollar mansions. The captain even stopped and pointed out numerous shorebirds.

And yes, we saw dolphins! It was so much fun to see them leaping and swimming all around. Dexter was oblivious, as he just sat back and soaked up the salt air. I think having the breeze blow through his ears and nose is heaven for him. After our residential tour, we headed toward the sunset. Wow. It was amazing.

Dog-Friendly Boat Rides
Dog-Friendly Boat Rides

By the end of our 1.5-hour dog-friendly sunset cruise, Dexter was asleep. I’m sure it had to do with having such an action-packed day, the ocean breeze, and smooth rock of the boat. If you find yourself in St. Petersburg, Florida, I encourage you to take your dog and the family on a sunset/dolphin cruise aboard The Shell Key Shuttle. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you taken your dog or cat on a pet-friendly boat ride or cruise? Tell me in the comments.

Dog-Friendly St. Petersburg, Florida. If you are looking for a fun dog-friendly activity in Florida, you should check out Shell Key Shuttle. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #dogfriendly #dogfriendlyactivities #travelingwithdogs #dogfriendlyflorida #dogfriendlyfl #floridadogs #stpete #stpetersburg #florida
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66 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Boat Cruise: Shell Key Shuttle

  1. You and Dexter both look so happy on the high seas!! The only boat Red and Jack have been on is a 3 minute ferry ride that connects our city to another larger one, and is faster than driving. Being as easy going as Red is, she doesn’t mind it at all, but Jack is not thrilled. He won’t walk down the ramp because he doesn’t like the texture of it, and seems nervous on the ride itself. I can’t see going on a cruise as I have a bit of control freakiness about me and the need to be able to leave when I want to, so Jack’s dislike of boats probably isn’t going to be a problem.

  2. I love St. Peterson but haven’t tried the sunset cruise yet. Will have to do this. If in Ft. Lauderdale there are a couple of water tours that allow your dogs. Mine love the water, the challenge, convining them it isn’t a anchor and swim trip.

  3. Great article. Enjoyed the read and will now give us confidence to take our dog on day trips. Your dog looks cute too. Thanks again x

  4. How fun! Our current dog, Ruby, doesn’t like water much. We are trying to get her used to it. Our previous dog LOVED water and he joined us on lots of boat trips – both informal boat and canoe rides, but also a cruise on the Chicago River near where we live. Hopefully, Ruby will eventually like it, too.

  5. I think Magic would want to BARK at the “big fish” and it’s likely that Karma would want to go fishing. The pictures look fabulous! Someday I’ll get a vacation again. *sigh* Working working working….

  6. We used to live in St. Petersburg! That was before we had any of the dogs we had now though. We just had a sweet old chihuahua named Nacho, who was about 11-12 years old and didn’t really like to leave his house. We go down to Florida to visit family once a year or so though and our pups love to go for rides on Grandpa’s boat! Dexter looks cool as a cucumber on his boat ride! 🙂

  7. We too Jasmine on a boat once; she wasn’t overly impressed. There was nowhere to walk or run, it was hot … 🙂 She preferred being in actual water rather than on a boat. We might, however, try a pontoon boat around here now, as there are many wonderful bays on the other side of our river. Those are quiet and we could hang out and swim …

  8. I love your adventures and posts with Dexter, Layla has done one short boat trip with me to Angel Island in the Bay Area and she was so great and loved it plus she was the only dog there so everyone wanted to hold and cuddle her, totally spoiled. Happy Easter

  9. I grew up in FL. St Pete is one of my favorite places. I’ve not taken the Poodle Pair on a boat, but think they would enjoy it. I’ve been thinking about visiting St. Pete a lot lately, need to pick dates and get it booked! Looks like Dexter had a good time on the cruise.

  10. I never realized how many dog friendly activities there are to do in the U.S. I think it’s great that people can bring their dogs with them when they go away. I miss my cats terribly when I’m away and worry about them.

  11. This looks like a lovely trip. I love boat trips, the breeze, the water and the excitement! We did a trip in Auckland across to Devonport, not long but it’s fun seeing the land disappear and reappear!

  12. I love that photo of Dex with the breeze blowing in his hair! I haven’t taken my dogs on a cruise, but our Maltese loves being in a canoe. Sophie is iffy and we haven’t tried Theo. He is happy on a floatie on the pool, so I think he would enjoy any type of boat as well.

  13. Harley and Shasta both love boats. Harley even used to bark as he watched the boat being loaded up to make sure we didn’t leave him behind. Sounds like you all had a fun boat ride!

  14. That sounds like so much fun! It is obvious that Dexter is enjoying himself. It’s always nice to find pet-friendly activities while on vacation. I’ve been making a list of them for our upcoming trip to Charleston! Can’t wait!

  15. Getting my dogs out on a boat is at the top of my bucket list for them. You’re so lucky Dexter is such a boat ride lover! I hope I can get my dogs to love being out on the water too, it’s something I enjoy so much and would love to have them with me.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  16. Yay for seeing dolphins! So cool! We have never had a chance to bring the pups on a boat up to this point, but I’m hoping to go kayaking with them this summer. Thanks for sharing all of these awesome dog friendly options when folks are visiting Florida!

  17. This sounds like a great time! I just love Dexter’s expression in these photos. He looks so relaxed! I’m glad that he was able to go with you. My kitties are not quite ready for a boat ride yet. We are still conquering rides in the car. Maybe someday they will get to give it a try! 🙂

  18. Do you put a life jacket on Dexter when he’s on a boat? I had friends who lived on the lake and their dogs loved the water, but they always wore the life vests on the boat. Glad you had a great time.

  19. Great post! dog, a man’s bestfriend, a friend can let you down but dog aren’t, they still hug you after leaving them for a day!

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