Dog-Friendly Vacations: Dog-Friendly Louisville, Kentucky

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Dog-Friendly Vacations: Dog-Friendly Louisville, Kentucky

Traveling with dogs
Dog-Friendly Vacations: Kentuck

Dog-Friendly Louisville, KY-Where we visited on this trip to Louisville KY: Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville, KY  Dexter The Dog and I were heading to Williamsburg Virginia for our first annual Cavalier King Charles Spaniel event, Cavapalooza! We took a day trip to Louisville, Kentucky on our way, and stayed overnight at a friend’s home instead of staying in a dog-friendly hotel in Louisville.
Traveling with Dogs
Lincoln Memorial


I thought Louisville Waterfront Park would be the perfect spot to spend an afternoon before heading back on the road. I was not disappointed with that choice. The only disappointment was the chilly, wet day.

Louisville Waterfront Park was a wonderful dog-friendly getaway. Dexter and I were able to stretch our legs and walk the beautiful park.  Quickly I figured out that Louisville Waterfront Park was a hotspot for local residents of all ages.  We ran across workers on their lunch breaks, parents and their children enjoying the playground, and even a senior group! It truly had something for all ages.

The view of the Ohio River was amazing.  The walkway was very inviting and Dexter had plenty of places to smell, venture around, and of course, we found plenty of places for photo opportunities. The 85 acres of park was laid out in such a way that our dog walk was a perfect way to view all that the park had to offer. Picnic tables, walking paths, play areas, benches, sculptures, Lincoln Memorial, waterfront views, and restaurants are just a few things we encountered that afternoon. I could easily see how spending a weekend there would be a blast!

Louisville Waterfront Park was a perfect dog-friendly place for a day trip!


Have you visited Louisville, Kentucky with your dog?  Tell me in the comments.

48 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Vacations: Dog-Friendly Louisville, Kentucky

  1. While we are a cat family I can appreciate this share. We are in CT and they are building dog parks all around us. It’s really cool to see..maybe one day I can convince my wife to let us get a dog.

  2. First of all. I gotta say I fell in love with your dog. Isn’t it a King’s Spaniel? I love that breed! It is one of my favorites. Secondly. I am so glad you posted this. I am planning on adopting a dog real soon, and I just think this post will come in handy.

  3. haha so fun! your pup looks so proud to be there! I would LOOOOVE to do this with our to but they would bark at everyone…they aren’t people friendly.

  4. This is so nice to know for all pet owners because it can be hard to know where pets are allowed and where they are not.

  5. That sounds like a great weekend getaway! I would love to be able to find more dog-friendly places, we have two dogs that I would love to take on vacation with us. I love all the pics, you have such a cute puppy. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I just love your dog, no matter what the text is about! You make me want to get one soon. Hope I’ll have a chance to visit Louisville with my future dog! xoxo 🙂

  7. I always love reading your posts and seeing what adventures you and Dexter have gotten up to! <3

  8. Aw! That is so sweet! I never tried to travel with pets or dog like yours! I think it will be an amazing experience to try to travel with a dog. Love this article!

  9. Awww your dog is SO cute! I am currently living in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, I hope one day I can raise a dog of my own and take him/her to beautiful places as well.

  10. It’s very good to know that the park in Louisville is so great for dogs and offers so many spots where they can enjoy running around. The walk alongside the river sounds very relaxing too.

  11. The place looks so great. Such great captures I must say that and your description is lovely.

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