Dog-Friendly Travel Guide for Raystown Lake Region | Dog-Friendly Cottages and Resorts in Pennsylvania

Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations~ Raystown Lake Region, Pennsylvania

Dog-friendly vacations in Pennsylvania
Dog-friendly Raystown Lake, PA

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

I’m always looking for where can I vacation with my dog, Dexter. I love a fun road trip with my dog. It’s my favorite way to spend a weekend. I was out to find a pet-friendly vacation near me where I could spend a long weekend and found Raystown Lake Region in Pennsylvania. This dog-friendly road trip would only be about 7 hours away, so I was all in. But first, we headed to pick up Dexter’s BFF, Levi. It’s always more fun to travel with friends.

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Pet-Friendly Resorts in Raystown Lake Region, PA

Pet-friendly accommodations in Pennsylvania lake region
Dog-friendly Lake Raystown Resort

After our beautiful drive from Ohio to Pennsylvania, we arrived at our dog-friendly accommodation, Lake Raystown Resort. This pet-friendly resort is located in the splendid setting of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania next to Raystown Lake.

While we were checking into our pet-friendly rental, the staff wanted me to bring Dexter and Levi in so they could provide them with some pets and attention. It’s always nice to know dogs aren’t just allowed, but encouraged to stay. After the dogs received pets and even some dog treats, we were ready to check out our dog-friendly cottage.

Pet-friendly cabins on the lake
Dog-friendly cabins

Dexter and I aren’t much for camping, but we love a good cabin experience. Our rustic cabin was surrounded by large pine trees, a nice quiet drive to walk, and other pet-friendly cabins, but with plenty of room between each rental. The cabin had a nice front porch and a firepit and picnic table.

Dog-friendly cottages in PA
Large kitchen
Pet-friendly log cabins in Pennsylvania
Bunks and table

Inside the cabin was a bedroom with two double beds, private bathroom, galley kitchen with a bunk bed and dining area. The accommodation had a stove, kitchen sink, microwave, mini refrigerator, dishes, and black-and-white cable TV. We also took part in the optional bed linens program, which provided sheets, pillows and blankets. It was going to be the perfect dog-friendly cottage to call home.

Pet-friendly lodging Raystown, PA
Bedroom with air conditioning

Dog-Friendly Restaurants Around Raystown Lake Region

After unpacking our travel essentials, we all were ready for a little outside dining with the dogs. We met with Liza from The Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau at the Marina Cafe, which is on the grounds of the Lake Raystown Resort.

The Marina Cafe at Raystown Resort welcomes dogs on the outside patio that overlooks the picturesque Marina. Our charming waitress provided the dogs with fresh water and a warm smile. The casual atmosphere of this dog-friendly patio was an excellent choice for dinner. Liza ordered a chicken sandwich. But this wasn’t your ordinary chicken sandwich. I was stacked high with moist chicken and loaded with crispy vegetables. Another win.

Dog-friendly patios in Pennsylvania
Dining with a view

The seasonal menu gave us plenty of unique choices. Chris ordered a grilled chicken salad and, get this, it came with french fries right on top of the salad! Liza told us it’s a central Pennsylvania thing, and boy did it look good. Chris said it was the best chicken salad she’s had, with enough left over for another meal. I ordered the harvest grilled cheese sandwich. This hearty sandwich had a unique taste. The warm vegetables were surrounded by melted cheese and grilled bread. Oh, yeah. It was a winner.

Dog-friendly outside dining in PA
Salad with FRIES!
Pet-friendly restaurants in Raystown, PA
Seasonal menu options

Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions Around Raystown Lake Region

After our peaceful night’s sleep, we headed to Seven Points Marina on Raystown Lake. We had our own private dog-friendly pontoon boat ride planned! Dexter and Levi love their dog-friendly boat rides and tours, but this time we were going to have our own private tour on Raystown Lake.

Pet-friendly things to do
Dog-friendly attractions in Pennsylvania
Dog friendly boat rides
Raystown Lake

Our guide, Jeremy, offered a wealth of information…..and a lot of fun. He took us all around the pristine waters of Raystown Lake and provided us with the history of the lake. This 8,300 acre lake was completed in 1973 by the Army Corps of Engineers. Raystown Lake was originally created to control floods, provide electricity, and, best of all, a family-friendly recreational lake. The lake has depths of up to 200 feet and is open to boating, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing.

Pet friendly attractions in PA
Dexter loves boat rides
Pet-friendly attractions in the US
Levi lulled to sleep

Jeremy also took us to Sheep Rock Shelter. This spot on Raystown Lake was originally a wide ledge over the Juniata River and provided shelter to the people living there over 12,000 years ago. In the 1960s Juniata College and Pennsylvania State University excavated the area and preserved ancient artifacts and even human remains. The Huntingdon County Visitors Center has a display for viewing.

Things to do with a dog in Pennsylvania
Sheep Rock Shelter

Dog-Friendly Parks Around Raystown Lake Region

After our history lesson and pontoon ride, we wanted to check out the artifacts, so we headed to The Huntingdon County Visitors Center. Dogs are not permitted inside the building, so Chris and I took turns going inside. The visitors’ center was full of great local exhibitions and a fun gift shop. Visitors can easily spend at least an hour inside learning about Raystown Lake Region’s history.

Dog friendly travel guide for Pennsylvania
The Huntingdon County Visitors Center
Dog friendly things to see in Pa
Breathtaking views of Raystown Lake

After our inside exploration, we took the dogs for a stroll along the Greenside Pathway outside the visitors’ center. The dogs had a great time sniffing around and walking on the recycled rubber pathway. There was another great walking path behind the visitors’ center that was home to a pretty water feature. Dexter was looking for frogs, but, sadly, he did not find any.

Dog-friendly parks in Pennsylvania
Greenside Pathway

Pet-Friendly Restaurant Around Raystown Lake Region

Our tummies were telling us it was time to grab some takeout. Just up the road was Seven Points Bait and Grocery, a family-owned-and-operated one-stop shop. This store had everything from camping and fishing supplies to grocery store items, deli sandwiches and, my favorite, souvenirs and clothing. I was thrilled to find a great dog-themed T-shirt. I can never have too many T-shirts.

Dog friendly cafes in Raystown, PA
Fresh deli sandwiches and sides

For lunch, we ordered a couple of fresh deli sandwiches. Chris loves her Italian subs, and I went for the chicken salad. We ordered the food to go and headed back to Lake Raystown Resort. We both dove into our freshly made deli sandwiches and boy, were they good. I have to say, I am very picky when it comes to my chicken salad sandwiches. This sandwich was perfect. It had just the right sweetness and was very moist and delicious.

Restaurants that allow dogs
Fresh and tasty

Pet-Friendly Resorts~Lake Raystown Resort

After lunch, we needed to walk it off. We explored Lake Raystown Resort. This dog-friendly resort not only caters to dogs but to families of all ages. Lake Raystown Resort offers pet-friendly cabins, yurts, camping, villas, bungalows, cottages, and cabins. A little something for every budget.

Pet-friendly cabins in Penn
Our dog-friendly cabin view

People (not pets) can enjoy the playground, game room, convenience store, and even a waterpark. We enjoyed strolling along the waterfront and people-and-bird watching. The families looked like they were having a blast swimming, boating, and sitting around the campfires.

Pet-friendly lodges in the USA
Lake views

When dinner called, we ordered pizza from Best Way Pizza on the grounds of Lake Raystown Resort. Best Way Pizza isn’t your average pizza joint. This family business began in the 50s with their cheesy square pizzas. These cheesy cuts of goodness hit the spot.

Dog-friendly restaurants near me
Scrumptious pizza

Not to be outdone by the other visitors at the resort, Chris and I started our own campfire. It was a great way to call it a night.

Best dog friendly vacation ideas
Relaxing by the fire

Dog-Friendly Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

In the morning we headed to Portstown Park in Huntingdon, PA. The dog-friendly city park featured a paved walking loop, which is always nice for us since Dexter sometimes needs to use his dog stroller. However, Dexter was feeling good and frisky, so he really had a nice time strolling.

Dog parks in Pennsylvania
The dogs had lots of fun

Portstown Park also has a skatepark, pavilion, and small fishing pier. The area where Portstown Park resides was originally a canal town, and you can even see remnants of an old canal.

Pet parks in PA
Murals through out the park

After our morning walk, we found ourselves at Top’s Diner for a classic diner breakfast. Top’s Diner has been in business since 1959 and is both a local and travelers’ favorite spot. In 2013 they were awarded the prestigious “Taste of Huntingdon” award from the Chamber of Commerce.

Dog-friendly restaurants in Huntingdon, Penn
Top’s Diner

Their outside covered porch is dog-friendly and had plenty of room for both Levi and Dexter. We were welcomed with warm hospitality, and the dogs were treated to freshly cooked bacon. All dogs get free bacon at Top’s Diner, and Dexter and Levi couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Best vacations with dogs
Bacon for the dogs!

We humans also had a great breakfast. I ordered Pap’s Favorite French Toast, and it was perfect. I am not a fan of French Toast that is too eggy, and this was cooked to perfection. No egg taste whatsoever. The bacon was full of flavor, so+ I can see why the dogs enjoyed it so much. Chris loves her veggie omelets and was raving about how the green peppers were grilled prior to putting them inside. Top’s Diner was a big thumbs and paws up from all of us.

Outside restaurants that allow dogs
Love it
Dog-friendly dining in Penn
Veggie Omelet

Dog-Friendly Events Cassville, Pennsylvania

Our last dog-friendly weekend adventure was to visit Cassville’s Oktoberfest. We were lucky enough to be there at the right time of year to hit this iconic, autumn-infused dog-friendly event. The festival was similar to a large farmer’s market with the addition of carnival-type games. Earlier in the weekend, they also offered carriage rides, a talent and car show. They even had helicopter rides.

Dog friendly fall events
Dog-friendly Cassville’s Oktoberfest

We enjoyed walking around, checking out all the great local fare and baked goods. Yes, I even purchased a few tasty homemade cupcakes. And they were good. The event was hopping with families shopping and playing games.

Looking down at the dogs, I knew they had a fun-filled weekend in the Raystown Lake Region. But, it was time to go back to Lake Raystown Resort, pack our things, and hit the hay.

If you are looking for a fun dog-filled weekend in a gorgeous location, I highly recommend visiting the Raystown Lake Region. Before your trip, contact the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau to help you plan the perfect road trip.

Dog friendly Pennsylvania road trip
Dog-friendly Raystown Lake Region, Pennsylvania

Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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Dog-Friendly Travel Guide for Raystown Lake Region | Dog-Friendly Cottages and Resorts in Pennsylvania

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