Dexter The Dog’s Halloween Costumes; Wordless Wednesday Style

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Today’s Wordless Wednesday showcases Dexter The Dog‘s Halloween costumes. But before we dive into the crazy poses Dexter does or doesn’t do, I wanted to say a little something about choosing a Halloween costume for your dog.

First, it’s always important to remember what our dog wants. If your dog is not used to being dressed up, slapping on a dog Halloween costume may not be a good idea. If you do decide your dog is costume-friendly, please ensure the dog costume is dog-friendly. In other words, make sure your dog can move around freely, has full range of motion, can see all around himself, and is comfortable. The costume shouldn’t be too heavy and should not obstruct his vision. Remember, dogs communicate with their entire body; by modifying a dog’s look or ability to move properly, you may be putting him in an awkward position with other dogs. Please make sure you pay close attention to his dog-to-dog interactions when he’s in costume. 🙂 Read more on Should You Dress up Your Pet.

Dexter's First Halloween
Dexter’s First Halloween
Dexter's Dog Pumpkin
Dexter’s Dog Pumpkin
Dexter The Frog
Dexter The Frog
Dexter Cool in His Doggles
Dexter Cool in His Doggles
Dexter The Performer
Dexter The Performer
Dexter The Dog Chef
Dexter The Dog Chef
I'm Batty About Dexter The Dog
I’m Batty About Dexter The Dog

Does your dog enjoy Halloween? Tell me in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Dexter The Dog’s Halloween Costumes; Wordless Wednesday Style

  1. Oh I love last year’s costume – so cute! These are excellent tips and I still need to pick out this year’s costumes for the doxies. My choices are typically super boring –like hot dog costumes!

  2. Great costumes, adorable Photos. I love that 2011 photo, too funny! I love how it’s carved too, such talent. Did you do that yourself??
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thanks, Cathy. My step dad carved it from a template. It was so much fun to see it progressing.

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