Dog Snoods and Dog Snood Reviews: Day Dog Designs

Dog Snoods and Dog Snood Reviews

Custom Dog Snood by Day Dog Designs

My first snood!

Snoods, snoods and more snoods! Do you know what a dog snood is? Well, it’s something I use every day to keep my ears out of my food! You can read more on my first dog snood review HERE!

Mom bought my very first dog snood from Terri at Day Dog Designs in 2012. At that time Mom didn’t know if I would wear it or not. So Terri was so kind and made one that was not as long per Mom’s request.
It wasn’t long before Mom realized that I liked my snood just fine….after all, I did eat when it was on! How could this possibly be a bad thing?? So, she ordered a regular-sized dog snood from Day Dog Designs!

Custom dog snoods.
Day Dog Designs

This snood is so bright and cheerful! Aren’t the colors just great against my ruby and white face? I think I look pretty dashing in the snood, if I do say so myself. The quality of Terri’s dog snoods is amazing. She uses a high-quality cotton in her snoods, and they wash nicely. And did I mention she is a Cavalier Mom and makes a ton, I mean a ton, of Cavalier snoods with all kinds of cool colors and designs? She even has dog snoods that make you look like a bear! You heard me right, a dog bear! BOL

Terri makes other dog items too, like leashes, collars, and other pet gifts. So go check out Day Dog Designs and tell Terri Dexter sent you!

That’s a treat, not nice Mom.


Does your dog wear a dog snood?  Tell me in the comments.

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  1. You look so cute! It’s like you have a little bonnet on and the pattern is so cute. Looks great on you! I get my maltipoo knitted snoods. I’m sure you’ll look great as a grizzly bear! 🙂

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