Dog Snood Review-designHounds Dog Snoods

Dog Snood Review-designHounds Dog Snoods

designHounds Custom Dog Snoods
Custom dog snood review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review from designHounds . However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

Hello, friends. For some of you, this might be a brand new idea. But to others…..a dog snood is a must! “What is a dog snood?” you may be asking yourself. Well, it is not just a dog fashion accessory; it is used to keep my long ears out of my food dish when I’m eating! Yes, my lovely, long, fluffy dog ears get into everything. My food, my chews, and I have been known to even step on them here and there. They can be quite challenging at times, to say the least.

This problem can be easily solved by wearing a dog snood. This simple tool is placed over my head, holding my large Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ears away from my face and out of my dog dish! I even wear it sometimes when chewing on a dog chew bone, or playing fetch with Mom. Mom has more than one snood for me and from more than one company. Here you will find my review on my dog snood by designHounds! designHounds was kind enough to let me test a few out for them at no charge. Thank you for that, Annie! It is so appreciated. Woof!

Custom dog snoods and reviews
Love these custom snood colors

First up is my favorite one by designHounds, my multi-orange knitted dog snood. This is super soft and easily slips right over my head. It holds my big dog ears back nicely while I eat. Mom has washed it more than a handful of times and lays it flat to dry. This has been my go-to snood for the year.

Next is my blue and green knitted dog snood by designHounds. This knitted dog snood is a bit shorter and the yarn is a bit tighter. I love, love the colors! After all, blue and green are my favorite colors. Maybe that’s because I’m considered an “earth dog.”

Custom dog snoods and hats
Snoods are perfect for eating

I love these knitted snoods by designHounds and can’t wait to get some more. Annie over there makes other fun doggie things too; I will tell you all about them very soon. Thanks for checking out my dog snood review. ~Dex

Does your dog wear a dog snood? Tell me in the comments.

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