Friday’s Favorite Five: Dog School

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Friday’s Favorite Five 9/9/16

Friday’s Favorite Five: Dog School

School’s in! I thought this week’s favorite products would have a back-to-school theme. OK, maybe not so original, but let me see if I can come up with some great pet-themed school items and gifts. Back to school gifts for pets, you got it!

Dog Harness. If your kids are going back to school, it just might be a good time to enroll your dog in a local positive dog training class. If you attend a dog training class, you will likely need a good dog walking harness. One of my favorite dog walking harness is the Freedom No-Pull Harness. This dog walking harness has two points where you can attach a dog leash. One is in the front on the chest, and the second is on the top. By attaching a leash to your dog’s front or chest, you can help prevent your dog from pulling. As he pulls, his chest will start to turn toward the person walking him, providing the handler an opportunity to gain their dog’s attention. The design of this dog walking harness allows full movement of a dog’s front legs, keeping a natural gait.

Safety Dog Leash. By far, my favorite dog leash is made by Lupine Pet, located in New Hampshire. These cool dog leashes are not only stylish, but also safe! Safety is always my top priority. The dog leash clip is a zinc-plated reverse-gate snap, helping to ensure that your dog’s collar or harness does not slip out of the clasp. I’ve seen it happen with regular leash hooks. The Lupine Dog Leash also has a unique padded handle, which is the perfect size for a woman’s touch. And if your dog chews his leash, Lupine will replace it!

Healthy and Motivating Dog Treats. You can’t take your dog to dog training school without the right motivators. I mean, just how do you expect your goofy dog to focus on you when there are so many other cool kids in school? High-value and healthy dog treats, that’s how. Dr. Harvey’s Power Pops Tripe dog treats has your dog covered in this department. What makes these dog treats so motivating and healthy? They are a single ingredient, Tripe, dog treat. No fillers, no preservatives, just mouthwatering goodness. Single Ingredient Treat — It’s Just Tripe! Green tripe is 100% naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, protein, and healthy fats.

Hollow Dog Toy. During your dog training class, you will likely have some down time where your dog will learn how to chill and relax. A great way to help your dog enjoy chill time is to teach him how to chew and lick on a filled hollow dog toy. The Kong Quest Bone is perfect for this. The large, hollow cavity makes unlocking the goodness easy for beginners. This hollow dog toy can be filled with your dog’s home cooked meal or canned dog food, then frozen for a bigger challenge. Not sure how to get started? Read my post on how to fill a hollow dog toy.

Healthy Dog Treat Reciepe
Kong Quest Bone

Dog Travel Mat. You don’t expect your dog to lie on a hard concrete or linoleum floor in dog training class, do you? Provide your dog with a little comfort, while teaching him to “go to his place.” Dexter The Dog enjoys his Kurgo Wander Dog Bed. This portable dog bed, or more like a dog mat, rolls up just like a sleeping bag and even has a handle for easy grabbing. It’s soft and cozy, and perfect for dogs on the go.

Best Dog Beds
Kurgo Wander Bed

Is your dog going back to dog training school? Tell me in the comments.

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44 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite Five: Dog School

    1. Thanks, Rachel. The Kong Quest has been a staple in our home for many years, same with the Kurgo bed! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nichole. We love our Kong Quest bone. 🙂 Dexter has a yappy hour ever evening in it.

    1. Thanks. It works well with positive training. Turns the chest a bit so the handler can refocus their dog. 🙂

  1. I love Kurgo products but have to admit the travel mat I like most is from the Ceasar Milan collection because it has a canvas like outer layer that stands up to car and outdoor activities. I need to try the no pull leash. This is a big issue for me.

    1. Thanks. The bottom of the mat is not fabric, is a durable material. Personally, can’t support CM in any way.

    1. That’s what is nice about the Freedom No-Pull harness, it has two places to clip a leash. Dexter isn’t a puller, so I often clip to the back when he’s walking slowly. 😉

  2. I like the dog mat concept! Many people things dogs are robust and don’t need the extra comfort but, heck, why not! I would not sit on a stone floor why should a dog. To be honest we had not thought about how useful a harness could be, especially if you have a keen active pup who will tends to pull because he wants to be off having fun! The developers have put a lot of thought into this harness.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes, they need to be cozy too. It’s a great little harness, very versatile.

  3. My dogs would love the dog chew toy. Now that the kids aren’t home, I think my dogs are a little bored. I am always on the lookout for interesting toys for them.

  4. These ideas are great! The furkids deserve some new things for back-to-school time too. 🙂 I think that mat looks really soft and comfortable.

  5. These are great back to school supplies for dogs! My dogs are always in training classes throughout the year, training should be ongoing
    It’s great reinforcement of basic skills & keeps them both mentally ,& physically challenged. Good bonding opportunity too.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thanks! I agree. Dexter’s grandma took him through all my classes more than once his first 3 years.

  6. Great post! Love the idea of back-to-school treats for our dogs! I love the Kong quest bone…will have to check that out. I think it would be a big hit here!

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