Friday’s Favorite Five: Essential Items When Walking Your Dog in The Summer (6/9/17)

Top Five Items for Walking A Dog in The Summer

Check out today's five must haves for taking your dog for a walk. If you enjoy taking your dog for a walk, you won't want to miss these top five items. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Dog Walking Supplies

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and also has affiliate links. However, I will always try to offer my readers great product selections. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

Best Items For Walking A Dog

Summer is finally here, and all the people and their dogs are coming out of the woodwork. Obviously, I believe that people should walk their dogs all year long, but living in Ohio, I understand that it can be a challenge when the weather doesn’t cooperate. But now it’s time to think about summer in the Midwest, so here are five items to make your dog walk more enjoyable.


The best dog waste bags on the market are bigger, tougher and totally leak-proof! Earth Rated’s green-colored bags contain an additive that helps them break down unlike traditional plastic bags, and they also offer their white, vegetable starch-based bags. Their rolls’ cores and packaging are also made from recycled content. Order Today!

Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags
earthrated Order Today


Nifti SafeLatch™ provides life-saving benefits for pets and ease of use for pet parents. This robust high quality leash allows a one-hand connection to your pet’s collar or harness and keeps the D-ring safely inside the latch keeping your dog safe on every walk or trip to the vet. Order Today!

Safety Dog Leash
Nifti SafeLatch Order Today


Primal Pet Foods treat line was created for dogs with the goal of providing wholesome, human-grade snacks containing no preservatives, gluten or grain. All Primal Treats are produced using USDA meats, poultry and game raised in the United States and New Zealand without antibiotics or added hormones. Order Today!


H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle is a convenient bottle with lid for serving water to your dog when you are away from home. The specially shaped lid allows dogs of all sizes to drink naturally. The standard-size bottle fits most cup holders and bottle compartments, making it convenient to take on walks, errands, vacations, and other activities. Order Today!


Whistle 3 uses smart technology to track your pet’s location and activity. The smarter way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels when they’re living it up, at home, in the park or on the run. Order Today!

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Would any of these products make your must-have list?  Tell me in the comments.

Check out today's five must haves for taking your dog for a walk. If you enjoy taking your dog for a walk, you won't want to miss these top five items. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
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112 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite Five: Essential Items When Walking Your Dog in The Summer (6/9/17)

  1. The H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle is so convenient! We don’t have dog water fountains where I live, so my dog doesn’t really enjoy his walks!

  2. These all look like great products! I especially like the water bottle with a lid that doubles as a little portable serving dish. That looks like something that would be so helpful for trips to the park.

  3. We love the H2O4K9 water bottle! I just checked out the Nifti Safelatch. I think I’ll order and try it out. The latch on the leash I’ve been using has somehow gotten snagged and caught in Chip’s coat/sweater as we walked this past winter. The Nifti’s design looks like that can’t happen. Thanks for the info!

  4. These all look like great accessories for walking your dog. I don’t currently have a dog but I have been heavily lobbying my husband to get one! I will remember these tips when I finally get one 🙂

  5. The H2O4K9 provides a nifty way to make sure your dog always has access to the best water at home or on the go!

  6. I really like that water bottle and I’m thinking of buying one for my emergency bag. I use waste bags for litter disposal, and earth friendly ones are even better. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So important to bring water. One of my friends has a dog stroller with a fan. Reminds me of when we put a fan on our baby stroller!

  8. If I had a dog I’d be really happy to use some of these links 🙂 Unfortunately the dog wouldn’t be a great idea now. Also I wish all the dog owners used the dog waste bags 🙁

  9. I need to get the Dog Water Bottle. It looks like an easy way to give your fur baby some refreshment while out of the house.

  10. Love the water bottle so nice and perfect addition. I also like the poop bags green products are always good to have thanks for all the information did not have a clue so many good products existed.

  11. That is such a cool doggie waterbottle! I will definitely have to look into getting one of those for us when we are hiking with our husky. Although we typically come across fresh water that he can drink. It would be nice to have this just in case.

  12. All these products look quite useful especially the bottle, I think that would be very practical for a walk in the park

  13. Primal treats are definitely one of our favorites. Ruby really likes them. I’m definitely intrigued by the water bottle. Love that it is stainless steel AND the cap is such a great idea.

  14. I love the H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle! All of these products look fantastic and I know you only tell us about the best out there for our pets. I am going to have to get one of each but the H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle is first on my list!

  15. Great ideas for the summer! It’s important that we have water and treats handy especially since dehydration is common during the summer even for our pets. Heat stroke is also a huge factor.

  16. I’m always looking for good products to keep my dogs hydrated, like the H2O bottle. Gonzo is black with two coats of fur, so he gets overheated easily. I tend to walk him early morning or in the evenings to avoid the heat of the day.

  17. What a brilliant idea the dog water bottle is! I dont think I’ve ever seen one before and it’s perfect for taking dogs out for the day in the sunny weather.

  18. Water is definitely a must unless you’re swimming or near clean fresh water. Safe leash is also important, though we had good experience with the standard kind. We take poop bags when we travel; on Jasmine’s ranch we leave the poop because there is plenty of room for one and it serves to mark the place to communicate to wild animals.

    1. Thanks, Jane. Ya, I always bring Dexter’s water. Too many dogs are sensitive to other water and I never know for sure what a lake or stream may be like when I’m traveling. I never use a standard leash hook, too risky. I’ve actually had dogs wiggle them open more probably about 6 times in my career, plus have heard other similar stories.

  19. That bottle is the coolest thing. We use my water bottle and a soft dog bowl, but if she doesn’t want all the water in it, then I either throw it out or carry it awkwardly. So I may have to make a new investment!

  20. Ha! and I thought you just put a dog on a lead and grabbed a poop bag! There is so much stuff you can take with you! Tank goodness I don’t take the cats out often I’d be even worse!!!!

  21. Definitely a very useful array of products for Summer walks with the dog, thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  22. Great list, I never leave the house without water for Layla, we have a bottle that has a dish attached to it so it makes it easy for me plus she only walks with a harness as I find it safer for the old lady LOL.

    When I shop for clothing for myself I always make sure the clothes have pockets so I can put everything in and that way not have to carry but if we going out for the day I have a back pack with a small cooler bag in with everything so she is totally covered.

  23. The midwest can be a challenging place for walking pets! Our weather here in Michigan is very similar to that of Ohio. There is snow for several months of the year and it is super hot for about 3 months. You have to be prepared for anything outdoors! Your ideas are great. As the weather is heating up now, that water bottle will really come in handy!

  24. You can never forget water! This is such a good guide for pet parents since this list has everything that you need when you’re walking with your fur baby during this season!

  25. This was so helpful. I wanted to do more walks with mine and I didn’t really know there was so many items for them. I love that water bottle and it is so cool for them. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I’ve never seen that water bottle before but that is a definite must have in this heat! Makes staying hydrated super convenient and not messy

  27. It’s so important to have water for your dogs in the summer! Thats such a cool bottle for them. This list is great. I can’t wait until we adopt a dog of our own

  28. Great products. I especially love the whistle…love technology especially for pets. I definitely plan to be outside a lot this Summer with Simba getting our walk on!

  29. I love all of these recommendations. We order Earth Rated in bulk – I have three dogs so we go through a lot of poop bags 😉 We always take water and collapsible bowls whenever we are out and about and that H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle might have to make it into our supply closet! Also, that Whistle 3 looks like an awesome safety tool for when we hit some of the more “off-the-beaten-track” areas.

  30. Ooooo so many important things To Bring out on a walk with you and your pup!!! I remember when I had my dog I would jJust always leave those little bags in my purse and in my car so they were always with me lol

  31. Great lineup! I also include a flashlight and reflective leash for whenever we are walking at dusk and run the risk of not being home before it gets dark. Now that we are in such a warm season, sometimes we walk later to avoid overheating, but that means our lighting is limited too. Thanks for sharing these items and reminders!

  32. I love the earth-friendly poop bags and the water bottle! We’ve tried Primal food before too, and the kitties loved it. So many great products out there today to make adventuring with our pets so much easier!

  33. I love that water bottle. It is important that dogs stay hydrated when we take them out for a walk in the summer. I will share this post with my niece. She takes her dog for long walks everyday during late afternoons.

  34. These are cool finds for out furry bestfriend. If we care to ourselves, we should also give these little care for them. Anyway, they give us unconditional love.

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