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GingerLead Dog Support and Rehabilitation Harness Review


GingerLead Review. GingerLead is a brand I have been familiar with over my career, so I reached out to GingerLead regarding their rear support sling. I have seen dogs benefit from the support and aid of a GingerLead, and I felt this might be a great product to have on hand for Dexter when the need arises.
GingerLead Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review from GingerLead. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

For those of you who are new to my blog, my dog, Dexter, has been battling with a pretty significant neurological condition (Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia). No worries—he’s actually doing pretty well and he leads a very full and happy life. 🙂

However, over the last year, I have noticed that Dexter has more back-end weakness, and even drags his back feet a bit. I have added a few things to his daily life to help improve his hind-end strength and to increase his conscious proprioception, being aware of his back feet. He’s doing really great with his new regimen.

I am a realist and I want to plan for Dexter’s future. There may be a time when Dexter needs a little more support with his mobility. GingerLead is a brand I have been familiar with over my career, so I reached out to GingerLead regarding their rear support sling. I have seen dogs benefit from the support and aid of a GingerLead, and I felt this might be a great product to have on hand for Dexter when the need arises.

The GingerLead comes in a wide range of sizes
The GingerLead comes in a wide range of sizes.

The GingerLead was born out of a need to help support Ginger, a golden retriever whose severe hip dysplasia and a luxating patella had resulted in multiple orthopedic surgeries. After realizing that a bath towel was not secure enough to support Ginger, her family developed the GingerLead rear support sling.

The GingerLead works by gently lifting a dog’s back legs, enabling him to be in an ideal position. The person moves with the dog, supporting the back legs, allowing a dog’s front legs to walk and the back end to be assisted. This is great for dogs with back-end weakness, problems getting up off the ground, and trouble going up and down steps. The GingerLead is commonly used for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, or other debilitating conditions. Dogs undergoing rehabilitation from orthopedic surgery or hip or back injury also can benefit from the GingerLead.

GingerLead support sling for male dogs
GingerLead support sling for dogs

The GingerLead comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate all dog breeds, and comes in male and female versions. The male version is curved to accommodate male anatomy. The support pad sling is made with a quality, lightly padded corduroy inner fabric. The soft inner lining helps keep the GingerLead in place to eliminate slipping and bunching.

GingerLead dog support sling review
GingerLead dog support sling for male dogs

The dog sling straps are fully adjustable for people of all heights. The sling also comes with an optional clip to attach to a dog’s harness or collar, which is particularly helpful if you have a more exuberant dog. Now, the GingerLead is ready to go.

Dexter was very accommodating and patient while I adjusted the GingerLead straps to fit both of us properly. I tested the product by walking around my house, gently lifting Dexter’s back end. We also went up and down our front steps. Dexter eased into the transition of waiting for me and walking with me as we moved around. The support pad was great, no slipping or bunching. The handle was very comfortable as well.

Help a dog go up stairs
Helping dogs navigate stairs
Dog support sling
Dog support sling

The GingerLead offers a very safe and secure way to help a dog get up, navigate stairs, or go for a walk. I would guess that after a dog gets used to using the sling, he will develop more confidence and more secure footing, knowing he is safe. Dexter may need help navigating our steps in the near future, and if/when he needs a little more support with his mobility, I will be glad I have his GingerLead on the ready.

UPDATE: Stay on Straps are OPTIONAL double sided Velcro strips that cinch the GingerLead straps together allowing the support pad to stay in place when the handle is released. This can be helpful for owners that prefer to leave the GingerLead on their dog giving them independence while going potty, opening a door, etc. Stay on Straps are included with Medium, Large and Tall sizes. *IMPORTANT! Never leave on an unsupervised pet. Not intended to be left on overnight. Always follow instructions from your veterinarian for your pet’s specific condition.

Check out Ginger from GingerLead demonstrating using the stairs.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

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GingerLead Review. GingerLead is a brand I have been familiar with over my career, so I reached out to GingerLead regarding their rear support sling. I have seen dogs benefit from the support and aid of a GingerLead, and I felt this might be a great product to have on hand for Dexter when the need arises.
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134 thoughts on “Products for Special Needs Dogs | GingerLead Review

  1. This is WONDERFUL. My mother in law’s dog is old and not well, so this would be super helpful for him.

  2. This post is useful and thanks for sharing! I haven’t used this kind of product for my dog but definitely will consider getting him one Gingerlead though:) It sounds like a great thing to keep the dogs mobile.

  3. I’m glad your pup is doing well! It is nice to see there is help for you and your pup for when you need it. As a new dog owner, it’s nice to see stuff to help them out down the road. Good luck to you guys!

  4. I really thank you for this information… as a dog owner whose dog is getting up in age… I need to be informed about things like this. I truly appreciate your insights as a fellow dog lover and I will be trying to purchase a harness in the near future… Thanks for sharing and stay blessed Queen!

  5. Our two golden retrievers had elbow surgery two weeks ago .. so this post really hit home. While they didn’t need a special harness .. there were a number of dogs at the animal hospital that did. I remember thinking what a wonderful idea. Whatever we can do to help make our pets lives a little more comfortable whether they’re injured (or not) .. is a win in my book!

  6. It’s brilliant that Gingerlead are making things like this! Helping animals with disabilities get around and live as normal a life as possible is so important for the animals. It must be amazing as an owner to see pets being more mobile again too.

  7. This sounds like a great product! I’m glad that there are people caring for the special needs of animals and they create all those special products. Those dog sling straps are a genius idea. I will make sure to share your post with a friend of mine that has a dog. She may need those at some time.

  8. Excellent review! I wish we had thought about these rehab harnesses when Zeus went through so many issues. We always tried the towel sling and he HATED it – he was also Mr. Independent. The harness would have been less stress to him.

  9. This is good info, thanks! I have 2 dogs myself, but they’re still young and super healthy, so I’m hoping they will always be this way, but good to know that’s out there!

  10. My coworker is dealing with a dog in old age. His arthritis is so bad, that he can hardly get up off the floor at this point. I see this product being of value.

  11. Ah I love this! Moreso I love that you are planning fr the future with your pup. Our animals quite literally are our fur babies and we’d do anything for them. Way to go.

  12. GingerLead is doing an amazing job by coming out with such products to suit our pets needs. I really wish such support systems are available in India, soon.

  13. Sending some love your dog’s way. Thank you for sharing this information…I have a dog in good health, thankfully, but I am glad to know that this product is out there!

  14. This looks like a great product for sweet babies that need help getting around. My pooches don’t need those and I hope they never will, but this just looks fantastic in helping dogs get around without pain.. Love it.

  15. This is such a fantastic and compassionate idea. We’re needing help with our oldest dog, an 85 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback. She’s such a large dog, we’ve been having trouble finding good options to support her. Thank you!

  16. Gingerlead sounds perfect. I like that it was a family that developed it but most of all I am glad that there is a male and female version, that sounds handy x

  17. Wish I had known this…I lost my dog ladt September and I’m sure it was preventable…I’ll definitely reccommend to other dog owners

  18. GingerLead sounds amazing, I have never heard of anything like it but it is such a great idea! I’m so glad that Dexter was able to receive the support he needed, what a lovely dog!

  19. I wish I knew about this product back about 9 – 11 years when our family dog was not doing well. It would have definitely been a big help.

  20. My oldest dog just passed away so I wouldn’t have a use for this in my home for awhile but my parents have an older dog that could use these products!

  21. This looks like a great product to have on hand! You never know when it will be needed!!

  22. This looks like a wonderful, well made aide for the older or infirmed dog. Will definitely keep it in mind as my dogs age. Thank you for the informative review!

  23. Wish I would have had something like this year’s ago for my Golden, Sandy. In her last few year’s (she live to be 17) we could have used this product to assist her up and down our steps. Helpful article, will keep in mind for my 5 year old CKC, Molly. Thanks for the article

  24. Very helpful information…I think Sam would benefit from one now. Are they able to go to the bathroom while using the Ginger Lead?
    Thanks Tonya for all you do for our fur babies.

  25. The GingerLead looks like an amazing invention. My friends golden retriever could really use this. I will have to share this with her.

  26. We had to use something like this for our German shepherd after she had a stroke. It was so hard for her not being able to chase the squirrels but at least she had another year with us before we had to put her down 🙁

  27. This is great. It’s going to help a lot of dogs that have an issue with legs. It’s a great way to still be able to walk them.

  28. glad dexter is doing well (plus he’s darling)…i grew up with a cocker spaniel and as he got older i wish we’d had this to help him out.

  29. I can understand why people use harnesses. I just haven’t had very good success with them. My dog hasn’t liked them too much and it makes things very awkward.

  30. What a great product there is no doubt that when our dogs get old or sick it is very hard, nice there are many products to help them have a better quality life.

  31. The proper harness will make life easier for you and your dog when you move them from one part of the house to another, take them outside to relieve themselves and when you lift them in and out of the car. A harness gives your dog a sense of independence because it allows them to move about freely while it relieves the stress on your back as you assist them.

  32. This is a real helper for dogs with health issues as you mentioned. I remembered years ago one of our dogs has the same problem as he got older, I wish we had this Gingerlead to support him then.

  33. Thank you for sharing this review. I had a Boxer about 20 years ago that could have benefitted from the Ginger Lead. Perhaps Lakota would have too with the osteosarcoma that she had. I’m sorry to hear about Dext, but knowing you, he will have the best care as he goes into his golden years. I have been following your reviews and have a few things that, after reading your reviews I decided to try. You are honest about your reviews…and again I thank you for that!

  34. This is so neat! I love that it helps dogs and that it looks very durable. Thanks for sharing, I am going to have to pick one up for my brother and his dog!

  35. This is perfect for helping our fur babies out. It has so many uses, for dogs in therapy, those who are unable to walk, or for senior dogs. It’s definitely a must have for owners.

  36. Sorry to hear about your dog’s health but so glad that you have found something to help him.

  37. This is such a great product and company. I love that is was started out of their own dog’s need for a little help. I had the pleasure of meeting them at the BlogPaws conference last year. I loved seeing their video of Ginger and the story of how the GingerLead was born.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  38. This gingerlead is absolutely fabulous to have. My poor Casper use to have seizures all the time, and it would’ve been nice to have something like this available for him, so we could help him walk and get to where he needed to go. <3

  39. This is actually pretty cool. My sister has a dog with some hip issues, so I’ll definitely show her this. Maybe it’ll help her out.

  40. Where was this when I needed it in the early 2000’s. My miniature poodle woke up one morning not able to utilize the back legs. After a couple of days carrying her outside, going to the vet and seeing nothing wrong with her spine, I wasn’t going to give up on my girl. Creative me said I needed to support the rear and I could sew a band about 6 inches wide, long enough for it to be comfortable to hang onto with the purse handles I sewed to the ends. Six weeks later she slowly walked into the vet office and he couldn’t believe his eyes. At her own pace, she eventually was able to resume normal living and did so to the ripe old age of
    16 1/2. So, I would recommend anyone that needs a little extra help for their loving companion to give it a try. Mine was crude but this is the Cadillac model.

  41. What a unique product. I can see how this would help dogs getting up and down stairs and also support dogs with hip and back problems.

  42. What a great and helpful product for dog’s that have been injured or getting on with age. I adored both my dogs growing up.

  43. Oooo what a great product to help he fur babies!!! I had a kitty years ago thatbthis would have worked wonders for!!!

  44. our little old doggie has lots of trouble on stairs and this would be fantastic. I haven’t seen this anywhere.

  45. This would be so helpful for my senior dog who can no longer use his right back leg..what a great product.

  46. Very informative this would be awesome for my older dog that is having some difficulty.

  47. I just recently made my own sling for my 13.5 year old girl. I used a fabric bag and cut the sides out. I saw it on You-tube after searching ways to help my older dog get up the stairs and in the car. This would be wonderful for her!

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