Go Pro Is Here! Dexter The Dog and his GoPro Dog Videos

Dexter The Dog and his GoPro Dog Videos

Hello. friends. Sorry it has been awhile since my last dog blog. I have had some fidgets these past 3 days because of my Syringomyelia. Nothing terrible, just a little down and out. Mom has been keeping me quiet. We are leaving for our Chicago trip tomorrow morning, so I have to get my rest and get rid of my yuck.

I will surprise you and tell you all about my big dog adventure in Chicago when I return. Well, it’s official! Mom bought the GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition! She said she has lots to learn about it, but today she did a quick test with the GoPro camera. Mom and I ran to Strawberry Acres Park in Holland Ohio for this quick recording. You can see in the video I’m just not up to snuff. So Mom called it quits early.

As you can see, lots of learning to do yet on the GoPro! I will chat with you all soon.
Love, Dexter The Dog

Do  you and your pet GoPro? Tell me in the comments.

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