Fun and Unique Dog Toy Review: Hyper Pet Bag Dog Toy Review

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Fun and Unique Dog Toy Reviews

Dog Toy Review: Hyper Pet Doggie Bag

Doggie Bag™ – the barking, wiggling bag of fun for your dog! Yes, that’s what it’s called, and oh my gosh, this is a totally fun, interactive, and engaging dog toy. Dexter The Dog got pretty silly playing with this one. Loads of fun. The cats were pretty interested too.

Watch Dexter The Dog in action with this fun, interactive dog toy! Go, Dexter! Go!


This dog toy wiggles, giggles, and jumps around. Inside the canvas bag is a motion-activated plastic ball that takes batteries. I was afraid that a dog wouldn’t have enough oomph to get it to work, but as you can see in Dexter’s dog video, it turns on without much force. That said, Dexter is a 27lb dog – I wouldn’t want a dog much smaller playing with this. The hard ball just might cause a concussion! This was a great find, and a fun toy for Dexter. You are going to need 3 AAA batteries, and a tiny screwdriver in order to get your Hyper Pet Toy activated.

Is your dog a playful pooch? Tell me in the comments.

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