Friday’s Favorite Five: Tough Dog Toys

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Friday’s Favorite Five 9/16/16

Friday’s Favorite Five: Indestructible and Tough Dog Toys

For those dog lovers out there searching for “indestructible dog toys,” I am sorry to say they do not exist. Especially if you are looking for a soft or fabric-type tough dog toy – that is even more challenging. However, there are a few plush dog toys that are durable and can stand up to some dog chewing and tugging. But when your dog wants to lie down with the toy and start “picking,” it will likely be time for you to put away the dog toy or replace it. But Dexter and I do have our favorite tough, soft dog toys. Here are our top picks!

1. HuggleHounds Raccoon Knottie. These soft, plush and durable corduroy Knotties may not look like much, but they are quite durable for a plush dog toy. HuggleHounds Knottie is lined with durable Tuffut Technology and has a strong corduroy outside. Toss in 5 fun squeakers and a crinkle tail, and your dog will thank you for this fun toy. Dexter’s raccoon lasted him a few months of playing, fetching, and a little tugging until the day came when Dexter decided ‘Rocky must die’ and he picked at him until he busted a seam open. If you don’t have a picker on your hands, HuggleHounds is a fun and durable dog toy.

Extreme Dog Toys
HuggleHounds Knotties

2. Fluff & Tuff dog toys. Dexter tested out his first Fluff & Tuff toy, Flo, in 2014. This plush dog toy is quite durable. Dexter and I can tug, fetch, and hide this tough dog toy without causing any holes or ripped seams. The company is actually located in Michigan and they are committed to quality and safety. The seams are double stitched, and the thick, plush outer fabric is lined with a thick, durable Tuffweb™ mesh liner. Dexter’s Fluff and Tuff Flo lasted just over a year before he decided he wanted to eat and pick at the fin; that is when she bit the dust. But have no fear, Ruby Rainbow and Tank The Shark made it to his toy box. They, too, are holding strong.

Strong dog toys
Fluff & Tuff

3. goDog Dragons toys. Dexter was introduced to these strong and tough plush dragons as a puppy. And these are another tough, soft dog toy. goDog dragons stand up to lots of fetching and tugging. The outer fabric of these plush dragons is made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology™, and they truly stand up to tough play. These dog toys are minimally stuffed, giving them a fun, floppy play style. Once again, these dog toys lasted Dexter a good year before he decided it was time to pick and chew.

Strong plush dog toys
goDog Dragons

4. Katie’s Bumpers Sqwuggies. All I have to say is, “SQWUGGIE!!” and Dexter comes running! Sqwuggies are a fun and interactive tug or fetch toy. They are made from professional-grade fire hose material, so they are built to last. The squeaker inside is quiet, which makes it a great toy for dogs who are a bit sensitive to strange noises. And tug and fetch, we do! For extra fun, I attached a 5′ fleece tug rope to the end and I can ask Dexter to stay as I run around with the Sqwuggie whipping it around until I tell Dexter, “GET IT!” We have loads of fun with this tough dog toy. It stands up to some serious play. But, of course, it only lasts until Dexter decides to pick the ends. However, this was actually a hand-me-down from my last dog, so with normal play, it’s crazy tough!

Tough and durable dog toys
Katie’s Bumpers

5. Fleece Tug Toys. Dexter has had fleece tug toys all his life. For whatever reason, he never decides that these need to be picked apart, so they stand up to time, tugging and fetching. I prefer fleece tug toys over rope toys because I think they are soft and better for a dog’s teeth. Also, rope dog toys tend to lose their strings which can cause a choking hazard, and I’m not too fond of that aspect. And Dexter, well, he likes to take his fleece tug toy and shake his head like a mad dog, and I can’t imagine what a hard rope toy knot would feel like hitting his body. So, fleece tug toys are, so far, the only soft toy that Dexter has decided not to kill.

Best dog toys
Fleece Tug Toys

If not for Dexter’s picking and gnawing, I would bet all of the above durable dog toys would still be good to go.

Is your dog tough on toys? Tell me in the comments.

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50 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite Five: Tough Dog Toys

  1. These look like fun toys! Yes, our dog pulls most of his toys apart and then proceeds to “kill it” by pulling all the stuffing out, looking quite proud when he’s done.

    1. Thanks, Kandace. These are really a nice selection of soft and strong toys for dogs. 🙂

  2. Love rough and tough toys! It’s so hard to find a good one for my boy Goose the only two toys that have lasted for him is his kong and hyper pet toy. I’m glad there is so many more options.

    1. Goose sounds like my Dexter. Dexter’s grandma is always buying him soft toys, and I always have to be the bad guy and throw them away after 5 minutes. But, these 5 are pretty tough.

    1. That was like my last dog, Theo. He was so gently on his toys and I even have his first and last toy in his shadow box.

    1. Thanks. I bet you’re right. The HuggleHounds have small toys with a crinkle tail. That might be enticing.

  3. That’s exactly how my cat Charlie approaches his toys – to kill! I have a friend who make those fleece type ropes for the local shelter, they’re always a huge hit!

  4. These look like fun toys for dogs who can have plush toys!

    I can’t buy any stuffed or plush toys for Ginger (my mom’s Brittany) or for my labs. They destroy them immediately! For the labs, I stick to things like KONGs, antlers, nylabones, and other toys made out of really tough material.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Dexter is tough too, but these do last for interactive play. Watch those tough chews and their teeth.

  5. Ruby is very gentle with toys so this isn’t an issue we have. However, I will definitely share with some friends that have more active, playful dogs. It’s a great list!

  6. Kilo the Pug loves plush toys and has mainly the Kong ones, and then recently a few from PetSmart that look like Pizzas and hotdogs and have actually lasted well. He worries his little animals to shreds eventually but chewing like that really calms him. We play tug and go find a lot with them. He is not that interested in the squeaker but LOVES empty water bottles and the crunching noise they make. We play soccer and chase with them.

    1. Check out the Bottle Tracker. It’s a toy that you place empty plastic bottles into, then the dog can play and you don’t have to worry about eating/chewing plastic or cut lips. 🙂

  7. Thanks for pointing out there are no indestructible toys. My dog has a friend who is a lab cross and she’s a very sweet girl until she picks up his toys. She tears to shreds all of my dog’s toys if I forget to hide them. I haven’t found anything she can’t destroy except for those fleece braids. And those I usually buy from rescues selling them at events to generate $$.

    1. Sure thing. I’ve seen dogs even “kill” crazy tough bones and extreme rubber toys with one chomp! I believe in active supervision with each new toy/chew. 🙂

  8. I am always amazed (being a cat person) that dogs can be so amazingly enthusiastic with their toys. I suspect some toys and activity elements like Kogs, will last longer being rubber but even so a dog who loves his or her toys needs a constant supply!

    1. Yes! Just because they kill them, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to play. Just supervision and careful swaps. 🙂

  9. My Husky “kills” nearly every toy she gets. She has two that she’s decided to let live, who knows why. I like the sqwuggie toy, it seems extremely durable, maybe that would last in our house!
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. lol That company makes other toys too, so there are more options and designs to check out. Good luck!

  10. I think with our guys these toys would meet their match. The only toy that they haven’t destroyed is the super tough Kong Classic. Even the super tough Goodie Bones don’t stand a chance.

  11. I love that you use Dexter to demo the ‘indestructible’ toys. My twelve pound pup, Reese is the one who rips the stuffing out of any toy that comes into this house!

  12. My dog Theo used to really tough on toys, but this summer, he started treating a plush carrot like a lovey. He carries it with him and sleeps with it. He just chews on it gently, which is so surprising.

    1. My last dog was a Theo. How sweet. Does the carrot have a scent or something like catnip?

  13. Dexter must really love those toys! He is looking at the camera with that “this is mine” look. 🙂 That Dragon toy is super cute. I only have cats and they tend not to be quite as destructive with toys as dogs are. However, they go through feather toys rather quickly!

    1. Sweet. Funny, Dexter is brave about EVERYTHING….except feathers! He has a love-hate relationship with them.

  14. Great list! We have tried many of the toys you listed, and agree that they can last a long time. I love the fleece toys because they’re easy to make using scraps without spending much money.

  15. You’re right. They don’t exist! I’ve tried so many “stuffie” toys with my corgis and NONE of them lasted over a couple days, EXCEPT the Kyjen Invincibles line. But guess what, they discontinued the ones sized for large dogs. 🙁 I’ve not tried any of the toys you list here, but I’ll keep them on my radar. Dexter is adorable!

    1. Oh, no. Dexter actually killed the Kyjen quickly. I think sometimes it’s about the dog honing into a chew spot.

  16. Charlie the mighty dachshund loves to chew! I’ve made crochet toys for him but he doesn’t seem to like them, probably because he can’t destroy them! He especially likes squeakers and will work on them till he gets the squeaker out, then wants to play with them! He’s torn up several dog beds, too. Sometimes while at the fabric store I find small scraps of fleece that are cheap, and I give those to him to destroy. But the fleece rope is a good idea. I’ll try to make one! Are there any balls you recommend? Tennis-type dog toys don’t look like they would be good for the dogs.

    1. hahah Sounds like Dexter. My mom used to crochet dog/cat toys with a squeaker and catnip inside. Maybe Charlie would like that. I don’t use tennis balls unless the dog isn’t too focused on them. Balls are tricky. You have to get the right size to grab, but not too small to swallow. Also, rubber can get slippery when wet. Maybe check out the Kong Squeeze ball, they have a variety of sizes and they also have a texture. They stand up to Dexter, but he’s not a huge fan of playing with them.

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