GoPro Dog Videos, Dexter The Dog Cam: Dexter The Dog Visits The Vet

GoPro Dog Videos, Dog Cams: Dexter The Dog Visits The Vet

Today was another fun day with Mom and Grandma! We went to Simmons Pond Park in Perrysburg, Ohio, then to my vet, South Suburban Animal Hospital. No worries, it was a happy visit, just to pick up some pills and say hello to the gals at the veterinarian office.

Did you know one of the best ways to have an enjoyable vet visit is for puppies to go to the vet once a week just to get treats and a weight? This helps puppies know that the vet is a good place to be and not bad! You will notice in my video how happy I am at being there. I even start singing. Yes, dogs do sing.

My first dog cam (Dexter Cam) is Mom, Grandma, and me at the park. I’m chewing on my Kong dog toy, and I go for a walk and even a dog run! Fun stuff.

Do you shoot videos of your dog or cat? Tell me in the comments.

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