Natural Essential Oil Tick Repellent for Dogs and Humans | 4 DIY Tick Repellent Sprays for Pets

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 DIY Natural Tick Repellent Recipe

Natural tick spray recipe
DIY Essential Oil Tick Spray

Ticks! I hate ticks. Not only can ticks carry Lyme disease, but they are also tiny and disgusting little creatures. However, I still believe in being as natural as I can with Dexter’s care, which includes his natural flea-and-tick prevention. To be clear, I’m not too concerned about fleas, because when I target repelling ticks, fleas seem to follow suit.

However, after four years of various natural tick repellents for dogs, I found two different ticks on Dexter. This was in 2017. After some research, I came to the theory that because Dexter’s immune system was struggling due to his neurological disease and medications, he was more susceptible to these parasites. I came up with an essential oil tick repellent that worked great! You can check out the recipe here.

So, why the change? A few reasons. The most important, for me, is that some of the essential oils that repel ticks also attract bees. For most people and dogs this is not a big deal since the dogs generally keep moving and no harm is done. But, for my little monkey, he tries to eat bees! Also, when we are dining at outside cafés, the bees are more prevalent and cause more of an issue for us.

Natural tick sprays for dogs.
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The second reason is that after talking to one of my colleagues (4-Legger Guru), she explained to me how different ticks from different regions are repelled by different essential oils. Light bulb! This is probably one of the reasons some natural tick sprays work for some dogs and not others. This is also why I typically have four essential-oil tick-spray selections.

Two of the natural tick repellent recipes below have a combination of essential oils that repel ticks and do not encourage bees. Two of the recipes have essential oils that repel ticks and may encourage bees. But I feel the combinations of oils balance out along with rotating between sprays. I also have four small girl’s hair ties along with a cotton swab with one drop of garlic oil inside a plastic bag. If I feel I’m walking Dexter in a high-tick area, the bands go on his feet.

Natural tick spray for pets
Safe and effective tick control.

Third, I realized I didn’t need to use all the carriers I used in my first natural tick spray. Distilled water and a good shake works perfectly!

Applying your natural tick spray before each outside outing is key. Contrary to what some manufactured products may claim, their spray will not last very long, or eight hours as I’ve seen on some products. Spray from top to bottom before each outside trip. I personally rotate between my formulas. When I take Dexter to outside cafes, I grab one of the two tick repellents that do not attract bees.

Best natural tick sprays for pets.
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Finally, brushing and combing daily is just as important as regular application. Yes, it may take some time, but aren’t your dogs worth it? Aren’t their lives worth the effort of being as natural as possible?

DIY Tick Spray Ingredient
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Natural Tick/Bee Repellent for Dogs and Humans Recipe #1

Natural Tick/Bee Repellent for Dogs and Humans Recipe #2

Natural Tick Repellent for Dogs and Humans Recipe #3

Natural Tick Repellent for Dogs and Humans Recipe #4


  1. Place all the ingredients into a 4 oz. or larger amber or cobalt glass jar with a sprayer.
  2. Done! Easy-peasy.
  3. Spray your dog or yourself before going outside.

Using an amber or cobalt bottle helps ensure the essential oils are properly stored. Light, heat, moisture, and oxygen all affect the oils’ properties and expiration date, so by properly storing your dog’s natural tick spray, you will be able to maintain potency.



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Natural Essential Oil Tick Repellent for Dogs and Humans | 4 DIY Tick Repellent Sprays for Pets