Introducing Your Puppy to Unfamiliar Dogs | How to Properly Introduce Dogs

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Best Way to Socialize a Puppy to Unfamiliar Dogs
Puppy training and puppy socialization tips.

How to Properly Socialize Your Puppy to New Dogs

Part One: Introducing Your Puppy to Familiar Dogs.

Part Two: Introducing Your Puppy to Unfamiliar Dogs.

Introducing Your Puppy To Unfamiliar Dogs/Puppies This can be a bit trickier. When considering saying hello to an unfamiliar dog, first see how is that dog responding to their owner. If the dog is jumping around and pulling their owner across the sidewalk, then I would not advise saying hello to this dog. If, on the other hand, the dog looks well-behaved, with loose body language, then that dog might be a good candidate. But it is also important to realize not all dogs like other dogs and a larger portion of dogs do not appreciate puppies.

  • Stop about 10′ away from the other dog and owner and ask the owner if their dog likes PUPPIES. Again, it is imperative that the dog has good puppy experience. If they reply they do not know, or no, then thank them and keep walking. If on the other hand they positively respond, ask if they can say hello.
  • Once the other owner gives you permission to say hello, walk your puppy off to the side about 5′ and slowly walk toward the other owner and their dog. Keep your puppy’s leash loose and occasionally ask for your puppy’s attention and give him a treat for paying attention to you. You can help your puppy keep 4 on the floor by squatting down with your puppy and placing your hand in your puppy’s harness so you can help maneuver your puppy to ensure he does not jump on the other dog’s head.
  • After a little sniffing, thank the owner and get your puppy’s attention and calmly walk off.
    • If at anytime during the greeting you are unsure if the behavior of either dog is appropriate, thank the owner and leave. This is not the time to roll the dice.

This article is from my book, Proactive Puppy Care: Preventing Puppy Problems

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Introducing Your Puppy to Unfamiliar Dogs | How to Properly Introduce Dogs