Raw Dog Food Diet Brands | Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance Dehydrated Dog Food Base Mix Review

Traveling with a Raw Fed Dog

Best raw pet food brands
Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

I firmly believe that the best dog food is a fresh-food diet. Whether you feed your dog a balanced DIY raw or home cooked pet food or a balanced premade raw or cooked dog food, whole foods is best. I always provided Dexter with fresh food toppers and started home cooking for him in 2013. I now feed Dexter primarily a balanced DIY raw dog food diet. However, traveling with a raw fed dog does have its challenges.

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Dexter and I were about to embark on an eleven-day dog-friendly road trip to New England. I was unsure if I would always have access to a refrigerator, so I reached out to one of my favorite freeze dried raw pet food brands, Dr. Harvey’s.

Raw dog food brands
Dr. Harvey’s Dehydrated Mix

Natural Pet Food Base Mix Brands

When it comes to Dexter, I am a stickler at ensuring he receives healthy and natural pet products, including his dog food and pet supplements. The ingredients and where they are sourced is vital to my decision making process.

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Harvey’s for many years. The team at Dr. Harvey’s has dedicated themselves over the past thirty years to helping guardians give their companion animals a better, healthier, happier, longer, and more fulfilling life. They take this motivation to heart when manufacturing their pet products.

Best fresh foods for dogs
Feed me now.

Their products contain no added chemicals, preservatives, synthetic additives, or coloring agents. They firmly believe that companion animals should be fed fresh whole foods and proteins, and that “health begins in the kitchen!” I love this about their brand.

Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance Base-Mix

As I mentioned, I would be traveling for eleven days with Dexter, and I wanted to continue to feed him a fresh and wholesome diet on the road. Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance base mix was the perfect solution. The Raw Vibrance base mix takes the guesswork out of creating a balanced, nutritious raw or cooked dog food. All I would need to do is add water to the base mix, add a protein and oil, and Dexter would have a balanced and tasty fresh food diet.

Dehydrated pet food brands
Raw Vibrance Dehydrated Mix

Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance base mix. This dehydrated dog food mix is a blend of twenty-four powerful whole foods. These aren’t your ordinary ingredients, they are healthy and beneficial ingredients to help a dog thrive.

Inside you will find amazing foods such as raw goat’s milk, green-lipped mussels, and shiitake mushrooms. The non-GMO mix is made with dehydrated vegetables, antioxidant-rich fruits, energy-packed seeds, and other immune-boosting superfoods.

Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance Ingredients: Broccoli, Green Beans, Squash, Carrots, Celery, Cabbage, Crushed Eggshell, Spinach, Pumpkin, Beets, Raw Goat’s Milk Powder, Apples, Blueberries, Bone Meal, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, Shiitake Mushrooms, Green-Lipped Mussel Powder, Milk Thistle, Ginger, Spirulina, Kelp, Parsley, Eggshell Membrane.

Raw dog food brands and reviews

Healthy Fish Oil for Dogs

In order to completely balance the Raw Vibrance, I would need to add a healthy oil to Dexter’s meal. I was able to accomplish this by adding Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine Salmon and Krill Oil. As with all of Dr. Harvey’s pet products, their fish oil is made from the finest ingredients. The salmon and krill oil is a premium fish oil supplement made from 100% wild-caught salmon and krill from the clean, cold, and pristine waters of Iceland.

Not only does this healthy fish oil balance out a dog’s food, it helps to prevent dry skin, itchy dandruff, and shedding. The rich omega-3 fatty acids promote strong joints, a healthy heart, and the maintenance of brain and eyes.

Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine Salmon and Krill Oil Ingredients: Salmon Oil and Krill Oil.

Home cooked dog food recipes
Raw Vibrance base mixed with fresh meat

It was super easy to prepare. I just added hot water to the Raw Vibrance and let sit for eight minutes. I then added my choice of meat that I picked up at the local grocery store, in this case, organic hamburger. I then added Dr. Harvey’s Health & Shine wild-caught salmon and krill oil, and viola. A balanced and freshly prepared dog food for Dexter.

During our dog-friendly New England road trip, we stayed 2 days each in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. I made two days’ worth of food upon arrival in each new state. It was the perfect way to travel with a raw-fed dog and not worry about keeping his food cold during the drive.

Dexter was more than pleased with his fresh Raw Vibrance dog food. He gobbled and licked the bowl clean after each meal. I loved how easy it was to prepare a fresh-food diet while traveling.

Best raw dog food brands
4-paws up

If you want to feed your dog a quality pre-mix, I highly recommend Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance and their fish oil. Your dog will be begging for seconds. Promo code: RYPN1732 for 10% off and free shipping on orders over $59. Valid until 12/31/2019.


Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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Raw Dog Food Diet Brands | Dr. Harvey\'s Raw Vibrance Dehydrated Dog Food Base Mix Review

26 thoughts on “Raw Dog Food Diet Brands | Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance Dehydrated Dog Food Base Mix Review

  1. Wow, that is really awesome to have food you can prepare on the go like that. And Dexter is such a beautiful dog. I can see how well loved he is in all of your pictures and articles!

  2. As well as being better for your dog it actually looks kind of nice in comparison to regular dog food.
    Your dog is also the cutest!

  3. Hi! I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who will turn 10 in May. I’ve been home cooking and recently purchased Raw Vibrance. My question are, it doesn’t seem like much protein according to the directions. Do you follow the instructions as suggested? Does Dexter a get a multivitamin or probiotic supplement? Thank you so much Tonya!

    1. Hi, Toni. I’m a huge rotator with everything I provide Dexter. Boy, I don’t remember the ratio of Raw Vibrance to meat. For the review, I followed the instructions. When I prep Dexter’s meals, I shoot for about 10-25 % veg/fruit to his meat. Usually in the middle of that range. I provide Dexter with various supplements and “food supplements” (mussels, fermented veg, bone broth, goat milk etc.”. Chinese herbals for his SM, MVD, etc. All pretty much in rotation between types and brands. An example is pre & pro probiotics. I may provide a powder one day or one meal, and fermented veg another, or fermented goat milk. I believe the key is to hit all his nutritional needs with a changing array of foods and supplements. I hope that helps. 🙂

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