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Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
The Shed Defender Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

First, Dexter is a long-haired dog and sheds. His normal shedding is not a concern for me. Extreme shedding, however, can be caused by ill health, anxiety, or lack of brushing and grooming. If you feel your dog is excessively shedding, please speak with your holistic veterinarian to ensure your dog is in tip-top shape.

When the nice people at Shed Defender reached out to me, I was actually thrilled. I have seen their product pop up in my news feed and felt the Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog’s shedding.

7 Possible Uses for the Shed Defender

  1. Controls a Dog’s Shedding and Fur– When a dog is wearing his Shed Defender, the majority of the dog’s hair is inside the suit. This keeps any natural shedding inside the suit vs. on the floor or even in your car.

I can see how this may be handy for times when you may be traveling with your dog and you want to manage his fur bunnies. Especially if you are staying with family or friends who may not particularly love the fact that your dog’s fur makes fur tumbleweeds. Or if your host has slight allergies to dogs, the Shed Defender will help keep the dog’s dander in control, too!

  1. Helps with Dog Anxiety– Snug-fitting wraps are a great natural way to help soothe a dog when he’s anxious. In Chinese Medicine, there are various points such as a dog’s ankles, chest, and top of their rump that help ease anxiety. Because the Shed Defender encompasses a large portion of a dog, including these points, it’s a great add-on option when helping a dog with anxiety.
  1. Protects Against Burrs and Stickers– Shed Defender’s premium eco-friendly lightweight fabric offers a barrier of protection against troublesome burs and plant stickers.
  1. A Natural Protection Against Ticks– Because the Shed Defender covers a large portion of a dog, ticks have less opportunity to attach. If you are using a natural tick spray, you can simply spray the suit for an extra layer of protection.
  1. Snowball Barrier– Unlike dog coats and jackets, the Shed Defender fully covers a dog’s legs, preventing snow from freezing on a dog’s legs and forming snowballs. It also acts as an additional layer of protection when outside.
  1. Can Deter Wound or Allergy Licking– The Shed Defender offers another option to the cone of shame. It works by covering surgical sites, skin conditions, or hotspots.
  1. Keeps a Dog Clean-If you need to keep your dog clean prior to the show ring, dog-friendly vacation, or pet photo shoot, the Shed Defender has your dog covered.
Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
The Shed Defender has a four-way stretch

Dexter’s Results and My Personal Recommendations

As with all the pet products I review, I put the Shed Defender to the test. I always try to look at all the ways a pet product can be used and/or helpful and to address any possible issues or concerns.

Finding The Perfect Fit for Dexter

If you have followed Dexter and me over the years, you know Dexter is a large Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who struggles wearing “off the rack” clothing. He’s tall, long, and lean. It’s tough for a clothing pet manufacturer to be able to generalize all the different shapes and sizes of dogs. It’s not like a collar, where it’s a straightforward fit. The Shed Defender sent Dexter both a small and medium. The medium is the one that fit him properly. Luckily, they offer free exchanges if the sizing is wrong for your dog.

Putting The Shed Defender On Dexter

I will be the first to admit, when I looked at how small the Shed Defender looked, I was a bit concerned. But, knowing that the goal was a snug fit and that the breathable fabric had a four-way stretch, I was ready to give it a whirl. The instructions said to place the suit over the dog’s head through the neck sleeve, zipper side under the belly. Then, insert the front legs, back legs, and zip up.

The neck sleeve seemed a bit snug, especially since Dexter has Chiari malformation and syringomyelia (a neck and spine malformation). I stretched the neck area out prior to my placement, prepared to stop if Dexter seemed to be exhibiting any discomfort.

All went well with the neck, so it was on to the front feet. The legs of the suit are very narrow, but stretchy. I was able to wiggle the leg sleeves up as I put Dexter’s legs in. The back legs were a cinch. I attempted to zip up the belly zipper but kept running into Dexter’s hair, so I decided to leave it unzipped.

Dexter was very comfortable in the Shed Defender. He didn’t have a problem wearing the suit, moving, walking and even doing some of his core-strength exercises. Pottying in the suit was easy since the entire belly was open, which includes his butt area.

Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Easy access zipper

After discussing our first day with the folks at The Shed Defender, I decided to modify a few things while putting on the suit. First, I rolled up ½ of the front legs like a cuff prior to placing Dexter’s feet inside. This proved to be a much quicker and easier way to navigate his leg down the leg sleeve. Next was the zipper. I placed my hand inside the zipper next to Dexter’s fur and pulled down before zipping. This worked great! I was easily able to pull down enough fabric to ensure not to zip up any fur. When taking off the suit, I also slipped my hand inside to make sure the zipper didn’t grab any fur.

Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Shed Defender Zipped Up

Once again, Dexter hung out in his Shed Defender both inside the house and outside. When going outside I unzipped the bottom about halfway for potty breaks. We had zero incidents of peeing or pooping on the suit. And Dexter did his fair share of both lifting and squatting pees.

Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Potty breaks

I took Dexter to a local park to see if we could run into any burrs or stickers. Up into the woody area he went. Nothing stuck to the suit, but he did have some plant seeds on his head. Given that it’s winter here in Ohio, I’m not sure if there were any burrs, but since the plant seeds didn’t stick, my head says the burrs probably wouldn’t either. And if they did, they would be on the suit and not Dexter’s fur. The same thought for snowballs. I wasn’t able to test this theory, but it makes sense that his legs would be snowball free.

Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Can protect against burs

After all my testing of the Shed Defender, I wanted to see how it withstood a regular wash. Perfect. It does say to tumble dry on low, but I chose to air dry.

Things to Consider and Common Sense

The Shed Defender is not going to be appropriate for every dog, nor every situation. There are just too many variables in life. This is a product meant for short or occasional wear. Please do not leave your dog in the suit day in and day out. I also never recommend leaving clothing (or harness, collars etc.) on unsupervised on your pet that has a potential to get caught on something or the dog can wiggle in such a way to make the item not fit properly. There is a chance when lying down that a dog can get his leg pushed up inside the suit, so supervision is a must.

As for using the Shed Defender for surgery, that really would depend on the surgery. Because the Shed Defender is a snug suit, it may or may not work well for a spay or neuter. My concern is how tight and close the zipper would be to the surgical area.

This is a breathable item, but do pay attention to your dog’s comfort level and temperature. Also make sure you purchase the correct size for your dog and it fits YOUR dog properly. I do recommend stretching the neck prior to slipping over your dog’s head. If your dog seems uncomfortable in the Shed Defender or isn’t sure he can move, offer him a few treats. Some dogs freeze up at first when any clothing is placed on them. Lure him a bit with treats to show him he can move and walk.

Dexter’s Future with Shed Defender

I am very pleased with my experience with Shed Defender. I look forward to using the suit under Dexter’s winter coats when snow arrives. I’m also planning on using it when we find ourselves in wooded areas or high-tick spots. When Dexter’s seasonal allergies kick up in the fall, I will certainly be bringing out the suit to help prevent Dexter from licking his front legs and groin area.

Head over to Shed Defender’s website to learn more. 


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Shed Defender Onesie for Dogs Review. The Shed Defender had a lot of useful applications beyond containing a dog's shedding. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #sheddefender #dogonesie #naturalpetproducts #tickprevention
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98 thoughts on “Shed Defender Review | Onesies for Dogs to Control Shedding and More

  1. I never knew such a product even existed. My first thought when I started reading was whether it needed to be unzipped for potty breaks, but it looks super convenient since they can go with the suit on! Very cute and great idea!!

  2. We have a short hair dog that sheds… a lot. He’s a large breed and I wonder if this would be available in his size. I don’t care much for it when he’s outside but this would be ideal for guests so they won’t leave with dog hair on their clothes after visiting our home.

  3. I am going to share this with all my friends who have pets. They are always talking about dog hair and shedding

  4. Well. After having boxers all my life, I just can’t see them wearing one. Except for the last one we had. He would’ve loved it. Actually, I need something like that for myself!! All kidding aside, I would use it for the shedding part for sure.

  5. Well, this is a cool idea. I love that it’s loose enough to be comfortable and not cause issues with fur or skin but still offers cover to do what it says it will.

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  7. This sounds like an interesting item, I can imagine the fact it can ease anxiety is a really good thing about it. Not sure what my dog would think if I tried one on her!

    1. As a dog trainer, I’ve seen more dogs relax with a tight-fighting suit vs being more anxious. But, each dog is different. My rule of thumb was to try a tight fighting t-shirt and if they seemed a bit more comfortable, then to invest in a product like the Shed Defender. The fit works better than a tshirt. πŸ™‚

  8. Dexter is so cute in his little blue suit. This looks like a great product for all doggie parents and I wish it was available for cats too. I think my older kitty would feel better wearing it.

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    This is such an interesting product – I was not aware of it!! I will definitely look into it πŸ™‚

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  13. Interesting review! I’ve also seen adds pop up for this product on my news feed and always felt like it was kind of a silly product. I have an Alaskan Klee Kai who sheds quite a bit, but I don’t think I’d ever use a product like this just to have less dog hair in my house. I know dog hair all over everything bothers some people, but dealing with shedding pets has never really been a big deal to me. I never took the time to consider potential other uses for this product though! I can for sure see how it would be helpful in the winter or for pets with allergies.

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  16. OMG it is adorable and can understand if people have pets that shed to get one, Layla does not shed so do not have that problem and I am sure she would freak from it as she hates clothing.

  17. That’s very interesting that your dog has Chiari and Syringomyelia – my grandmother did as well. I never thought that it was something animals could have as well.
    I have seen this product advertised, but I think more of for folks who were allergic. It’s nice that there are so many different benefits.

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  24. This is a pretty cool product! My Husky sheds so badly, we have to broom up balls of fur every day and twice a year it’s insane! Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  28. My immediate preference for the gament is to move the zipper to the upper side of the garment with the open end of the zipper toward the head and the closed end over the rump. Easier getting legs in and less likely to catch hair when closing zipper.

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  30. I would never be able to get one of these on either of the girls. Truffle had to wear a onesie after her bladder stone surgery and she hated it. I must admit that she did look cute in it and it really is served it’s purpose instead of use in a cone. I’m glad this worked for you and Dexter.

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