Dog-Friendly Travel Tips: Should You Leave Your Dog In A Hotel Room Alone?

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Dog-Friendly Vacations and Traveling with Dogs Travel Safety Tips

Hotel Safety when Traveling with Dogs

Dog-Friendly Vacations and Traveling with Dogs Travel Safety Tips Hotel Safety when Traveling with Dogs
Dog-Friendly Hotels

When taking a vacation with your dog, you may find yourself staying in a dog-friendly hotel, bed and breakfast, rental home, or even a dog-friendly cabin. Being able to stay in a pet-friendly accommodation always comes with some kind of pet policy. Before booking your trip, you should read the pet policy carefully to ensure that it meets your travel needs. Some pet policies clearly state that a dog cannot be left in a room unattended, and others state a dog must be crated. But what if there isn’t a policy? Should you leave your dog unattended? Here are some things to consider before leaving Fido behind. If you haven’t read my post on Hotel Dog Etiquette, hop over and take a look at that first.

  1. Secure: Is your dog comfortable and secure in his new environment? If not, leaving your dog in a hotel room alone is not a good idea. For some dogs, traveling can be stressful, and having their humans leave during this time can cause some dogs to develop separation anxiety. Even with Dexter, I have a one day rule. The first day of our vacation or arriving at our destination, there is no leaving him. He is not a stressful dog, and travels often, but that first day he needs me. After I’ve unpacked, and we had one good night’s sleep, he is totally comfortable with the new situation.
  2. Crate Trained: If you have successfully taught your dog how to enjoy staying in his crate, you are in a better position to leave your dog alone in a hotel room. By leaving your dog in his crate that he is accustomed to, you are offering a safe area that is familiar to him. It also helps with any chances that someone will come into your room and he will run out. If you need a little help in crate training your dog, read this article.
  3. Potty Trained and No Chewing: If you are not using a dog crate and intend to leave your dog running free in the room while you leave, you better be sure that he won’t pee on anything or chew anything up.
  4. Barking: If your dog is prone to barking, whether because of stress, excitement, or noises, leaving him behind might make him a nuisance. This is particularly true if you are staying in a dog-friendly hotel or condo. If you have neighbors or there is a lot of outside noise, your dog may bark while you are away and annoy others.
  5. Location, Location, Location: Some dog-friendly accommodations are very quiet and comfortable. These tend to be more of an ideal scenario if you are leaving your dog behind while you go grab some dinner out. For me, I never would leave Dexter in a hotel room alone (except when I’m loading my car), but do leave him in the dog-friendly rental homes I rent for the week. It is pretty rare that I leave Dexter behind – after all, my vacation does revolve around Dexter – but I may want to participate in an occasional tourist thing that is not dog-friendly.
  6. Tell The Front Desk: If you are staying in a hotel and intend to leave your dog alone, tell the front desk and provide them with your cell phone number. This will allow them to contact you if your dog does become upset or needs assistance. Also, place the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door before you leave and play Through A Dog’s Ear musical CD if you can, to help zen out the room. And don’t forget to read my Dog Travel Essentials Check List before you leave for your trip.

Remember, when you are vacationing with your dog, you are an ambassador. In order to have more dog-friendly establishments, we dog guardians need to band together and show them that we are courteous individuals who happen to have dogs as traveling companions.

Do you have any travel tips?  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

60 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Travel Tips: Should You Leave Your Dog In A Hotel Room Alone?

  1. These are great tips for those who have animals. My husband and I are thinking about getting a dog, so we’ll take this into consideration 🙂

  2. Good to see Important things to note when lodging with your pet. These look important points and helpful for sure

  3. These are really good tips…..I’m just trying to take my dog with me anywhere while training her. For now, I wouldn’t want to leave my her alone in a hotel room =D……she wanders a lot

  4. I just had the biggest “doh!” moment ever – not sure why I never thought of this, but yes, most definitely tell the front desk and leave your telephone number! How simple and yet potentially life saving. I’ve always stayed within a 15-20 minute radius of the hotel if we don’t take our pups, just because I’m a big nervous about their potential barking. I like that you’ve added music -it does help soothe our pups when we travel and leave them alone in an unfamiliar environment. Thanks for sharing – and we’ve pinned as well!

  5. These are excellent tips for vacationing with dogs! While my dogs are crate trained, I’m still not sure if I would be comfortable leaving them alone in a hotel room. That’s probably why we don’t travel too much with them (or without, lol)!

  6. Bed!! Breakfast!! Cabin!! Accommodation!! Food!! Here come your good days Ruff!! Get ready for a vacation!!

  7. I don’t have much experience with this, except last year while I was in Greece there was this older man with his sweet dog. It was a camping place so she was barking all the time because it was very uncomfortable for her being tied to a tree. But she loved to play with us.

  8. I personally wouldn’t leave our dog alone in a hotel room, I think he would be scared in strange surroundings and he has never been left anywhere other than our parents houses. I think for dogs that are comfortable with this, it’s a great way of being able to take a dog on holiday!

  9. I guess it’s a good idea to make sure your dogs are well prepared and trained in case they need to stay in the room alone. I wouldn’t want them to be bored or start barking!

  10. I’d feel so nervous leaving my dog alone. I know dogs can get anxious in new and unfamiliar places – especially when everything smells so different! I know some people who will leave their dog alone for short periods of time but will leave him with a piece of clothing that smells like them.

  11. Such great tips! I bet a lot of hotels are super helpful when you travel. You seem like an amazing pet owner!

  12. One of the reasons I didn’t want a dog is because I’d have to find a sitter while I’m out of town. It’s interesting to see so many hotels accommodate.

  13. Great tips for those who travel with dogs. Our Mr. Cooper is a bit too big to travel, he’d need his own room! 😀

  14. It might be scary for the dog but if you really have to leave your pup alone I agree that telling the front desk is a good idea. For security reasons too xx

  15. Wonderful tips. We travel a lot with our dogs .. but have yet to leave them alone in the hotel room. We’re probably too overly protective like mother hens .. but I know if I left them I’d be worrying the whole time. I also didn’t realize hotels had rules around this issue. It makes sense .. but I just hadn’t thought to ask before.

  16. I love your one day rule. Even if I bring my crate, my Bullmastiff will freak out if I leave her in a new place in it and she’ll make the most awful sounds out of anxiety. If I stay with her for a day or two prior then she’s great.

  17. These are some great tips for those having pets! Staying in a pet-friendly hotel and exploring pet-friendly attractions is always a good idea!

  18. Yeah, I cannot imagine leaving my dog alone on a vacation any day. I just think about how I handle the first night in a hotel room or sleeping away from my bed and I know that Oreo would not be ok with it. We haven’t traveled with him much but that is not something that we would do.

  19. Excellent tips! I don’t (yet) own a dog so I haven’t ever though about these. If I would work in a hotel I would really want to know if there is dog in the room before entering for cleaning, etc. so that’s a good one. Also, I think I would bring some toys, and maybe dogs own bed to make it comfortable there. 🙂

  20. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my dogs in dog-friendly hotel rooms, but in a bigger rental property it feels better. I think they are calmer in that situation anyway.

  21. All great tips. I often find that mine appreciate a little down time, so if we’ve had a busy day I don’t have any qualms about leaving them quietly in their crates for an hour or so while I get something to eat. Aside from playing calming music, diffusing calming essential oils may also be helpful.

  22. The idea of taking my dog with the hotel sounds like a pain honestly. It’s nice to have the option but when we get away I want a break from the responsibility so we board.

  23. My dogs are way too big to take to travel and stay at a hotel! I would never leave them in a hotel, let alone take them to one 🙂

  24. This is great advice, in my family we have a cat but i hope to get a dog when i start my own family! These tips will certainly come in handy and you’re right, dog-owners are ambassadors and so need to fill hotels with confidence that pets can be trusted.

  25. If I had a dog I would probably never leave him alone in a hotel room. If I decide to take him with me on my holiday then I will make sure to go to restaurants that accept dogs and also to plan my entire activity around my pet. Otherwise I don’t think I would take him with me.

  26. I’ve been thinking about taking my dog on a trip soon so these advices are more than welcome!! xx I’ve been thinking about most of these but I was kind of selfish and I forgot to think about how my dog would accept the environment we will stay in.

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