Welcome-What You Will Find

Welcome to my blog!  In this blog I will write about my personal muses & life.  I am a dog

Tonya & Dexter

lover from birth, a professional dog trainer & dog behavior counselor by trade.  My life revolves around my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dexter The Dog & I’m proud of it!

I’m sure this blog will revolve a bit around dogs, family & health & wellness.  At this particular moment, I am working hard at trying to become healthier!  I am a sweet tooth extremist! Junk food lover! I can’t get enough bread into my diet. So it is quite the challenge for me to not dive into that candy bar!

I have been working on some healthier food recipes  homemade health care products, with a big focus on going organic!  Trial & error for sure. I will never say never & promise I won’t give up my sweets totally!

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you subscribe to my updates.  🙂
~Tonya….. and Dexter The Dog.