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Dog Keeps Sneezing

Why do dogs sneeze
Sneezing dogs

A dog that occasional sneezes is not unusual. What may be more concerning is if your dog is sneezing a lot or uncontrollably. Reverse sneezing in brachycephalic breeds, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a pretty normal occurrence.

Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing

A little detective work may be in order. If your dog seems otherwise healthy and is having a sneezing episode, you should consider that he may have a foreign object in his nasal cavity. One of the most common foreign intruders is foxtails.

Dog won't stop sneezing
Foxtails and dogs don’t mix

Foxtail plants have barbed seed heads that can easily work their way into any part of your dog’s body, including his nose. Foxtails and dogs do not mix and can be very dangerous. If you and your dog spend time around foxtails, check out the Outfox Field Guard. This mask will protect your dog’s face, but not his other body parts.

How to stop reverse sneezing
Dexter’s Outfox Field Guard

Other foreign bodies that may cause your dog to sneeze are nasal tumors. If your dog is around secondhand smoke, this will increase his chances of getting a nasal tumor. Your dog may also present nasal discharge.

Your dog may be sneezing a lot due to a nasal infection or even mites. There are a variety of reasons a dog may keep sneezing, and a trip to the veterinarian or even the emergency clinic may be in order.

Reverse Sneezing and Dog Snorting

Why Does my Dog Keep Sneezing? Dog reverse sneezing treatment. #RaisingYourPetsNaturally
Reverse sneezing and snorting in Cavaliers

Oh, can we say Dexter? Dexter is known for his snorting and spinning when he’s excited or worked up. Cavaliers are considered a brachycephalic breed, which means they have a short nose, muzzle, and mouth. explains best why brachycephalic breeds sneeze and snort. “An elongated soft palate is too long for the length of the mouth, so that its tip protrudes into the front of the airway and may get sucked into the laryngeal opening where it may obstruct the normal passage of air into the trachea. Occasionally, the dog will make snorting sounds, which is due to the tip of the palate flapping into the trachea during respiration.

How to Stop Reverse Sneezing

Although everything I’ve read about reverse sneezing says it’s not bad nor harmful, I do stop Dexter’s reverse sneezing, snorting, and spinning. I feel he gets out of breath and even can be a little stressed during the episode.

To stop a Cavalier from reverse sneezing, simply cup your hand over his nose and mouth and gently tilt his head down. This helps your dog breathe through his mouth instead of his nose and stops the snort.

A dog may sneeze a lot or even reverse sneeze for a variety of reasons. When in doubt, or if there is a change in his health or behavior, seek the assistance of your holistic veterinarian.

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Dog Reverse Sneezing | Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing (Early access for our Patreon community)