Fall Dog Adventures, Fall Dog Activities and Dog Events

Fall Dog Adventures, Fall Dog Activities and Dog Events

Local Therapy Dogs, Dog Tricks and Dog Halloween Costumes

Dog's first Halloween
Dog Halloween Costume

As summer came and went, I am faced with the colder Ohio months. My first dog Halloween was a real treat. I was able to help pass out candy and pats. I even had my own dog Halloween costume! I was a real hit in the neighborhood.

Therapy dog training
Therapy Dog Team

But, one of the best things was that my mom and I became a Delta Society Pet Partner Team! I am an official therapy dog! I really made my mom proud on this one!

We quickly started to go on therapy dog visits at local nursing homes and schools. I really enjoy going and saying hi to new people and seeing friends again. My favorite, of course, is when I get to visit the school. I really enjoy that the children are right at my level. They do dog tricks with me and even feed me my lunch! They are so neat.

I also started to have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Playdates! That has been really fun. We are all about the same size, so playing goes on without a hitch.

I had a great holiday season with all of my family. I went over to Grandpa’s and played with Vanessa and Xenia. See you in 2011! Dexter The Dog

dog adventure blogs
Vanessa and Xenia

Do you dress your dog up for Halloween? Tell me in the comments.

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