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Dog-Friendly Vacations

Dog-Friendly Manchester, Vermont | The American Museum of Fly Fishing

Dog-Friendly Vacations in Manchester, Vermont. Traveling with dogs is amazing, especially when you find dog-friendly attractions like the The American Museum of Fly Fishing. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Dog-Friendly Vermont Activities

Our dog-friendly Vermont vacation was originally intended to include my mom and step-dad, Ed. Unfortunately, my step-dad had some business he wasn’t able to get away from. However, throughout our vacation, he was in my heart and I wanted to ensure that Dexter The Dog and I visited some dog-friendly places that Ed would have enjoyed, so we could tell him all about it, in the hopes of visiting Vermont again.

Ed enjoys fishing, and fly fishing has always brought him joy. I thought it would be fun to visit The American Museum of Fly Fishing in Ed’s honor. And guess what? It’s dog-friendly! The fly fishing museum was established in 1968 in Manchester, Vermont by a group of anglers. These passionate fishermen believed that the history of angling was an important part of American tradition and culture and deserved a place to preserve this tradition.

Traveling with your dog in Vermont
Field and Stream, Classic Fly Fishing Magazines

This fishing museum has the world’s largest collection of angling and angling-related items, and that’s something to write home about. With thousands of collections for a visitor to enjoy, the exhibits were very interesting to look at and read about the history. The museum included documentation of the evolution of fly fishing as a sport and art form. Fly fishing flies, tackle, magazines, photographs, rods and reels… this museum had a little bit of everything.

Vacations with your dog in Vermont
Dog-Friendly Activities

Did I mention that The American Museum of Fly Fishing was dog-friendly? I just think that is so special. I loved the fact that Dexter was able to visit this unique museum in Manchester, Vermont with me. Finding dog-friendly places like this truly makes traveling with your dog a much happier experience. Even if you aren’t a fishing nut, this dog-friendly museum is something to check out.

Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

Dog-Friendly Vacations in Manchester, Vermont. Traveling with dogs is amazing, especially when you find dog-friendly attractions like the The American Museum of Fly Fishing. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
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26 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Vacations in Manchester, Vermont | Vacations with Dogs

  1. I think it is so lovely to try and get to go on holiday with you dog. We often take Sally away with us, in fact we are due to go to Cornwall soon and she’s coming too!

  2. I have never been to a vacation with my dog. Would be interested to find out how is the experience like. We don’t have many dog friendly places over here. I hope there are more places like this in Singapore.

  3. Oh my gosh, Dexter is a cutie. That sweater warms my heart!
    I wish more places were dog friendly. I do the van life thing now and it’s the first time in my life I’ve been without a four legged friend by my side.

  4. When I was little we used to travel with dogs. And we never found a place that was pet-friendly while on vacation (other than hotels). This is the first time I have seen a tourist spot that is pet-friendly and allows dogs to go on the tour with you. Dexter looks like he had a great time. The museum looks really cool too!

  5. That’s great that they have that kind of a vacation you can take your dog to. And I love Vermont and all of that area of New England. It’s so pretty. I’m sure it would be a great trip.

  6. We adopted a puppy this year, and I’m hesitant to leave her with anyone. Nervous mama here! So finding dog-friendly travel destinations is a must for me.

  7. The fishing museum sounds interesting to see! I bet you all had fun, happy to know that this place is dog friendly.

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