IndyHumane’s Mutt Strut 2019 a Success!

Dog-friendly Indianapolis
Mutt Strut 2019


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

April 27th will be a day I won’t forget. Four years ago I saw a photo of one of my Cavalier friends participating in IndyHumane’s Mutt Strut, and I knew I had to get Dexter into this fundraiser. Dexter and I try to participate in local pet events and fundraisers, but this one was 4 hours away. It’s not your ordinary dog fundraiser; it would take place on the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway track!

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During my stay in Hamilton County, Dexter, my mom, stepdad, and I were going to kiss those famous bricks. Yes, we are an Indy 500 home. Not only would we be supporting IndyHumane, we would also be crossing off one of our personal bucket list items, kissing the brickyard bricks.

I was truly inspired by all the people that came to support IndyHumane’s fundraiser. There were more than 3,5000 participants walking or strolling their canine companions. I even saw a miniature horse! The event was so much fun, with a live band and various pet vendors. The energy was high, and Dexter was ready to go.

Indy Humane's Mutt Strut Event
Over 3500 participants!

Five-time NTT IndyCar Series Champion Scott Dixon and his wife, Emma Davies-Dixon, were at the event as the official honorary co-chairs of the Mutt Strut fundraiser. Mr. Dixon was kind enough to talk with guests, shake hands, sign autographs, and even pose for photos. My stepdad was beyond tickled that he shook Dixon’s hand as we captured a photo.

Scott Dixon at Mutt Strut
Scott Dixon and Ed

The Grand Prix course is 2.5 miles long. However, there is a shorter route that is just over a mile in length, which was the course we chose. Dexter walked some, but strolled Dexter in his stroller most of the way. He was a real hit in his #12 jacket and vintage Indy 500 hat.

Mutt Strut 2019
Dexter sporting his #12 Will Power gear.

At the end of our walk, Dexter kissed the bricks! Okay, maybe he licked the bricks. You be the judge.

Kiss the bricks photos
Kiss the bricks

The Mutt Strut was a huge success and raised $320,000 for IndyHumane! If you are looking for a fun dog event all while supporting a good cause, IndyHumane’s Mutt Strut might be your ticket.

When planning your pet-friendly Hamilton County, Indiana, excursion, visit Hamilton County Tourism’s website to plan the perfect trip.

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IndyHumane\'s Mutt Strut 2019 a Success!

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  1. OMG, your little guy was looking so stylish at this event. I wish I could dress my dogs. They just eat anything I put on them… =(

  2. wow what a great idea to support Indy Humane’s .I love dogs and we always travel with him ,so on holiday we only visiting dog friendly places πŸ™‚

  3. okay maybe he licked the bricks lmao!!! That is so funny. He is the cutest and his attire lol so so cute.

  4. Aww…your pup looks soooo amazing! Hope everything went well on the event!

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  6. Aww, Such a cute and adorable fur babies. I love this. We never experience traveling with our dogs but I always wanted to bring them.

  7. Omg what a cute event!!! We have something similar around here. We call it the walk for Paws and all the pups dress up for competition

  8. Your pup looks so stylish. The last pic almost oozes attitude πŸ™‚ You must be so proud.

  9. Such a cool event and such a great article! Scott Dixon is incredible on the track and it’s so refreshing to know that he’s just as amazing off the track too!

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