Pet Friendly Hotels in Washington DC Area, Vienna Virginia | Dog-Friendly Hotel Review: Extended Stay Tyson’s Corner

Dog-Friendly Hotels in The Washington DC Area

Pet-Friendly Extended Stay Tyson’s Corner Review

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Washington DC Area, Vienna Virginia | Dog-Friendly Hotel Extended Stay Tyson’s Corner Reviews #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Pet-Friendly Hotel Reviews

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Dexter and I had another dog-friendly weekend trip recently. This time, our dog-friendly trip took us to the DC area. The weekend was going to be fast and furious, because our weekend trip was really about a dog behavior workshop I was presenting on fearful dogs. The folks at Your Dog’s Friend asked me to present a dog training workshop on Saturday afternoon, so that left me with Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday evening to tour the area with Dexter and our other friends Levi and Chris.

When I’m searching for a dog-friendly hotel, I look for five things I want in my dog-friendly accommodation.

  1. Safety
  2. Location
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Friendliness

When I was looking for a pet-friendly hotel in the DC/Baltimore area, I found Extended Stay America – Washington D.C. – Tysons Corner. The hotel is located at 8201 Old Courthouse Rd., Vienna, VA, which was about 15 minutes from where I was going to be presenting my workshop on fearful dogs. After reading some reviews, the hotel sounded like it would be a clean, friendly, and safe hotel to call home for the weekend.

Dexter and I have stayed at other Extended Stay America locations in the past, and have been very happy. What I really like about Extended Stays is that the hotel rooms are designed for longer stays, so are spacious and feature a substantial kitchen area with a full refrigerator/freezer, microwave, stovetop, and dining and cooking utensils! This is a pretty big deal for me, since I bring Dexter’s home-cooked dog food, and sometimes even cook for him on the spot.

Dog-Friendly Extended Stay America, Vienna, VA
Large Dog-Friendly Rooms

The Extended Stay America – Washington D.C. – Tysons Corner also has an on-site guest laundry, free Wi-Fi, grab-and-go breakfast, flat-screen TVs, iron and ironing board, generous workspace, and updated bathrooms. Speaking of updating, this location is in the middle of some renovations and they had just laid the hallway carpet, so there was a “new carpet” smell in the halls. This, however, did not affect my room and there was not an odor in my room.

Dog-Friendly Extended Stay America, Vienna, VA
Grab-and-go breakfast

Since Dexter and I were traveling with friends, we booked the studio suite with 2 queen beds. The studio suite was perfect for our weekend, with plenty of foot space, chairs, hanging space and drawers to more than accommodate our weekend. The hotel beds were comfortable and even included a mattress protector. I always look at my mattress to check for bed bugs or dirt. The mattress was sparkling white and crisp—just what I want to see. The inside of our room was clean and fresh, including the bathroom and kitchen.

The outside of our Extended Stay America had lots of grass for potty breaks and plenty of sidewalks around the property to choose from. There was also a small partially-enclosed courtyard for potty breaks. The hotel felt very safe and I had zero concerns walking Dexter around any part of the hotel, which was very comforting. Hotel safety is so important since I tend to travel alone and Dexter needs frequent potty breaks at various hours of the day and night.

Dog-Friendly Extended Stay America, Vienna, VA
Clean and safe

Our stay at Extended Stay America was a great experience. The hotel was nice, quiet, safe, and a great location. Our room was comfortable in every way, including the beds and bedding. The big TV had good reception, and so did the Wi-Fi. The towels were clean and the bathroom was stocked with shampoo and soap. The hotel met my five criteria of being safe and clean, in a good location, with refrigerator and friendly staff, I would certainly stay at the Extended Stay America in Vienna, Virginia again. For more information on finding a dog-friendly Extended Stay America on your next vacation, visit their website.

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Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Washington DC Area, Vienna Virginia | Dog-Friendly Hotel Extended Stay Tyson’s Corner Reviews #raisingyourpetsnaturally
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120 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Hotels in Washington DC Area, Vienna Virginia | Dog-Friendly Hotel Review: Extended Stay Tyson’s Corner

  1. That’s good info! We generally don’t take the dogs into hotels, but you never know when we may choose or need to! It’s good to know that the Extended Stays are dog friendly, and that you’ve had good experiences!

  2. This is a good to know article – featuring “Extended Stay America” not only because of their good amenities, but also that they are pet / dog friendly. This will be helpful for dog lovers who opt to bring their loved pets during vacation or trips.

  3. That is so lovely that you found a nice hotel that will let your pups in. I dont have a dog anymore nor have I ever traveled with him before but I would love to see more puppy friendly hotels. I’m such a dog person.

  4. It’s so wonderful when hotels allow our fur babies to come along. This is a great resource for people traveling to that area with their pets 🙂

  5. It can be difficult finding hotels that one, take dogs, and two, when they do accept dogs, the hotel is “nice”. The Extended Stay America sound like the perfect place to stay when traveling with a dog. Thanks for making me aware.

  6. I love pet-friendly hotels. It can be so hard to travel with a pet-in-tow, but I appreciate hotels that make it easier to accommodate for them! <3

  7. Dexter is ridiculously handsome. Every photo that he graced felt like a little slice of amazing thanks to his handsome self! I absolutely LOVE accommodations that allow pets. They are such a big part of our lives and it only seems natural to bring them alone. We don’t have a dog (only cats), but whenever we stay at a hotel and I hear dogs barking in the rooms and see them walking in the halls…I LOVE IT!!!!! Pets just make EVERYTHING better!!!!

    1. Also I’m incredibly jealous that you have hotels like this! I have a dog myself and I finding a hotel that actually allows dogs in is very rare but this sounds extraordinary. I really hope this blog post gets seen by people around me because I’m a strong believer that dogs should be allowed into hotels. Travelling with your animals is a special experience and I really think places like this are doing a good job! thanks so much for this post! I’m going to be telling every hotel I go to now that other places like this allow dogs so why can’t they.

  8. So good to know! I’ve stayed at some that vary in cleanliness, but people are generally pretty good. I think the key is management that can tolerate a barking dog or two. I learned the hard way that Sophie will bark even if I leave the room for 30 seconds to get ice. Nobody asked us to leave. I consider that a win.

  9. I’d never heard of Extended Stays, this is great info to have when traveling to any hotel (even without your dog). I had to laugh at the “refrigerator” point. That would be Magical-Dawg’s #1 must-have for all his “treatz.”

  10. When we were growing up, we traveled with our dog. (I have a cat, and she’d be stressed out if we tried to travel with her.) I love that there are options for families traveling with their pets!

  11. I haven’t stayed at Extended Stay Hotels and am glad to know they are pet friendly. I have stayed at a few dog friendly hotels that haven’t had a fridge and agree it is important for food storage and in some cases meds

  12. We only travel with our dog if we’re staying with family precisely because it’s a little challenging to find dog friendly hotels. This looks like a great place! Will definitely check it out.

  13. I’m glad this hotel worked so well for your trip with Dexter. I hadn’t considered how the safety of the surrounding area would be important for dog-owners. That’s a definitely a good thing to research when choosing a pet-friendly hotel!

  14. It’s good to know which hotels are pet-friendly and which are not. There aren’t many around here and those who do claim are pet-friendly have size restrictions and other limitations. Fortunately, we don’t really travel.

  15. This is great information. I’ve never traveled with the girls, but I need to know specific hotels that would take them in should an emergency arise or if I decided to begin traveling with them. I imagine it’s a lot harder than we think.

  16. Always nice to find the hotel the pets can come to. I know boarding can get so expensive. Plus Im sure the pets loved it!

  17. The hotel looks beautifully kept and I love that they are dog friendly! It sounds like although you had a whirlwind trip, you definitely didn’t have to worry about accommodations.

  18. I would have never thought to stay in Tyson’s Corner when visiting DC. But it makes a great base for the surrounding area without going into the city. I’ll definitely check this place out next time I take my dog for conferences in DC area. Thanks!

  19. Great post, and these people DO look good to stay with! I like that they care enough to put down new carpets this showa corporate pride – good for them – right?

    One thing I always want to know is how quiet a hotel is. It is critical to use as without sleep we have had holidays ruined.

  20. I love that they were so friendly and helpful and gave you enough space for two dogs. You must have been overwhelmed by their willingness to accommodate you and Dexter !

  21. I don’t think I’ve stayed at an Extended Stay America before. This hotel looks neat and clean like you said. I also look for the same features when I travel plus a kitchenette if possible to prepare meals (similar to the video). Thanks for this post. I know what hotel chain to consider for the future when I make my next trip! 🙂

  22. I’ve never had to look for a pet friendly hotel, and these are good tips to keep in mind if I ever have to. I’ve seen Extended Stays in this area. Dexter is just adorable.

  23. Thanks for sharing this review! While I normally use a professional pet sitter when I’m on trips (or stay in our camper at a campground so we can take the dogs), it’s great to learn of another option in this area (as the campground options are very limited!)

  24. Thanks for sharing this review. We’ve never stayed at this chain before. It’s always good to have options – especially when looking for Pet-friendly places. Also, I prefer to have referrals from other pet parents. Much appreciated.

  25. Great info! I had never heard of Extended Stay! I’m Pinning this for future reference. I do not travel much (with five Siberian Huskies), but if we do travel in the future, this is a great resource to have! Thank you!!!

  26. That’s so cool that they have hotels that will take in dogs. I know I would have a hard time going on a vacation without my dog at this point. And my daughter wouldn’t want to leave him while we went away.

  27. It sounds like this was a great choice! We stayed at dog-friendly hotels on our BlogPaws trip. I was pleased with all of the hotels we stayed in. I think a lot of hotels are starting to realize that pet people appreciate clean and comfortable rooms.

  28. With food allergies we are always looking for hotels with kitchens in them, Extended stay is one of our favorites! This looks like a great way and love that it is pet friendly!

  29. I never heard about it! That’s very interesting, so lovely choice! Dog-friendly hotels are an amazing solution! That’s really nice! <3

  30. This is really good to know! I might be travelling with my dog soon and we’ll need to find some pet-friendly places to stay.

  31. This is an interesting post . In our island we could not bring our pets in the Hotel . Probably if we rent a villa , private villa . But good to know

  32. hey tonya
    nice and informative article. i am also a dog lover. i have also one dog in my village . thanks for sharing this information.

  33. Dexter is such a cute dog that I’d like to have his twin brother 🙂 I had no idea in the world there are hotels who are not dog-friendly and you have to search for one. I though every hotel should have accommodations for people traveling with their pets.

  34. That’s great you found an accommodating hotel! I live in the D.C. area and can imagine that would be hard to find. Pet friendly hotels are the best!
    Cheers, Sarah Camille

  35. I wish I had known this while driving up with my pets from Florida to Massachusetts! At least I know now if I ever decide to take that trip again!

  36. This is the problem of almost all the pet owners, the accommodation for pets! My aunt always faces this problem. Thanks for sharing, I’ll show this to her, she’ll probably be really happy!

  37. This surprises me that some places take this on because I think it would actually lose some customers. Here in New Zealand, there are some restaurants that are now welcoming dogs. Personally, that factor would turn me away

  38. This place looks so amazing, especially for pet lovers like you. I’m not sure if we have any pet friendly hotels here in ph, but our malls are.

  39. Thanks for sharing this review. Honestly, this is the cutest thing I have ever read…everyone deserves a good vacation!

  40. It sounds like this hotel was perfect for your stay. It’s good to know you’ve been happy with other locations as well. I don’t have a dog but do travel with my cat on occasion and I know how hard it is to find an acceptable accommodation.

  41. I don’t have a dog but I think it’s a terrific service to offer pet owners. Traveling with a beloved pet can be stressful so finding suitable accommodations is key.

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