Dog-Friendly Dexter, Michigan:Pilot Flying J Review

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Dog-Friendly Dexter, Michigan:Pilot Flying J

Ya, that’s me!

I know the title of this post might be a bit confusing, but Mom and I had a doggie potty stop on our way to dog acupuncture Wednesday in Dexter, Michigan. Not to be confused with me, Dexter The Dog! Since Mom and I go on so many fun dog adventures, I thought I would start dog blogging about the places we stop along the way and our destinations! Hopefully, you will find my dog reviews helpful. Click HERE for my dog-friendly reviews!

So, first up was our potty break at the Pilot Flying J-750 Baker Road, Dexter, Michigan. We don’t know if the Pilot Flying J is pet-friendly inside or not. Mom never did ask. So, when she ran inside for her potty break and to grab a quick drink, I stayed in the car. Don’t worry, it was early, and she was quick!

That said, in her quick (under 5 minutes) jaunt inside, she was welcomed and greeted by four staff members throughout her visit! They were very friendly and joked around with her while she was making her drink selection.

When cashing out, the cashier, I believe one of the managers at the Pilot Flying J, asked if she had a Pilot rewards card. She did not, and explained I was waiting for her, so the gentleman grabbed a card, scanned it, got her phone and that was it. Very efficient!

For me, there was plenty of grass for me to sniff around in and do my business. Lots of good smells and the grass was cut and free of trash. I was a happy camper, too. So, kudos to the Pilot Flying J at 750 Baker Road, Dexter, Michigan! I am sure we will stop by again on our way to dog acupuncture next month!

I know what you’re thinking….but don’t worry,
Mom just photo edited my leash out of the picture! 
Is your dog a good traveler?  Tell me in the comments.

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