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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

Is your dog struggling on slippery floors? Or perhaps your furry friend has a neurological deficit and lacks awareness of where his feet are in space. If so, you’re not alone. I have experienced similar experiences with my own pup, Dexter.

Dexter, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is approaching his 14th birthday, which is quite an accomplishment for a senior dog dealing with Chiari Malformation and syringomyelia, conditions that affect his mobility and neurological function. Throughout his life, I’ve discovered numerous natural remedies and treatments that have improved his mobility, including cold laser therapy and physical therapy.

Today, I want to talk about a product that has made a tremendous difference in Dexter’s mobility: Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips. Back in 2016, Dexter was struggling with his proprioception, the sense of knowing where his feet are in space. He would drag his back feet instead of lifting them up. Dexter’s holistic veterinarian, Dr. Cardeccia, suggested ToeGrips might help him “grab” walking surfaces. And she was right!

You can witness the transformation in his before-and-after video.

Dexter used ToeGrips for a year while we worked with his veterinarian on physical therapy and proprioception exercises. After that year, Dexter’s proprioception was greatly improved.

Dr. Julie Buzby created ToeGrips to help dogs walk on slick floors without slipping or falling. She explains that dogs don’t rely on their foot pads for traction; instead, they use their toenails. Dr. Buzby describes how dogs engage their paws, flex their toes, and dig their nails into the ground, much like soccer cleats. However, on hard surfaces, a dog’s nails are pushed up higher, especially if they are not properly trimmed. This change not only affects a dog’s gait but also their security and confidence.

Senior dogs face their own challenges when it comes to walking on slippery floors. They are often less stable on their feet, making it easier for them to lose balance and slip. Additionally, getting up from a lying position on a hard floor is more difficult for senior dogs due to decreased strength in their legs and body. Their toenails can’t dig in as they would on carpet or the ground.

ToeGrips are also beneficial for dogs recovering from surgeries that limit their mobility and require walking on slick surfaces. I spoke with my friend and manager at Aggieland Animal Health Center in College Station Texas, Lisa Davila BS-Biomedical Science, about her personal experiences with ToeGrips.

Lisa’s Cavalier, Jiminy, is currently recovering from hip surgery, and she chose to use ToeGrips for his after surgery and recovery care. She had this to say, “I chose ToeGrips because they would give Jiminy extra grip and purchase on slick floors while he is recovering, but they would not twist around like grip socks often do, and they are low profile, unlike shoes, especially indoors!”

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Not only does Lisa use ToeGrips for her own dog, but she also recommends them to her clients at the veterinary hospital where she works. When I asked Lisa how she first learned about ToeGrips, she mentioned discovering them several years ago at a veterinary conference.

I asked her if the animal hospital where she works endorses ToeGrips, and she responded, “Yes! I have recommended them to patients who have mobility issues. The clients who have used them have been pleased with the functionality!”

Lisa continued, “I used them previously after Jiminy had knee surgery, and they were very helpful, so I knew I wanted to use them again with his hip surgery recovery. I have found them easy to use, easy to apply, and they seem to last at least three weeks on Jiminy without needing to be replaced. He can swim, walk, sleep, have a bath with the grips in place. Also, Jiminy can wear his shoes while outside while leaving the grips in place!”

She ended our conversation by stating, “This is truly a fantastic product for any dog experiencing mobility issues!”

Jiminy’s Update from Lisa~ “I was so glad I put ToeGrips on before surgery since he was sensitive after! They were definitely helpful, especially in the first two weeks post-op when he was learning to walk again and when he started being able to stand on his own they gave him added stability! They also have him grip when he was learning to stand up after laying down.”

In my personal experience, ToeGrips have provided stability, improved mobility and overall comfort for dogs during their recovery and beyond.

You can find ToeGrips on Amazon or through the ToeGrips website, making it easy to purchase a set for your dog. You can use promo code: DEXTER for 10% Off Your First Order from the ToeGrips’ website.

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Dr. Buzby\'s ToeGrips for Dogs | The Traction Solution for Senior, Special Needs Dogs and Traction During Medical Recovery (Early access for our Patreon community)